How cocaine has been the showbiz drug of choice for years, with impressionable stars thinking snorting coke is as normal as having a glass of wine – The Sun

IN a lobby area outside the bathrooms of a highbrow fashion magazine party, a former boyband singer is hunched over a glass table that has a bouquet of expensive flowers sitting pretty in the centre.

The popstar was once a member of a squeaky-clean boyband with a pre-pubescent following – now, he’s so brazenly snorting lines of cocaine that he hasn’t even bothered going into the toilet cubicle.

Coke in the celebrity world was once seen as the preserve of rock’n’roll stars or troubled actresses, but now there’s no “typical type” of user because anyone and everyone – from clean cut popstars to fitness buffs – seem to be taking the drug.

It seems that just like lip filler, detox diets and contouring, what strikes it big in the celeb world trickles down to fans too.

In fact, Home Office figures show that more people are taking cocaine than ever before, as use has doubled among adults over the last five years.

The Sun has launched the End Of The Line campaign to raise awareness of the devastating impact even casual cocaine use can have, with doctors warning that a flood of cheap and potent cocaine into the UK is fuelling suicide rates as use of the drug becomes increasingly normalised.

One insider, with in-depth knowledge of the celeb world over the last decade, told Sun Online: “The celebrity circuit is awash with casual cocaine abuse, so much so that it seems the norm to be doing it and sadly, it’s only getting worse.

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