How did Mr Krabs die in Sponge Bob?

THE internet has found some 'court papers' accusing SpongeBob SquarePants of the heinous crime of murder.

Murdering who might you ask? His money-hungry boss – Mr Krabs.

Who is Mr Krabs?

Eugene Harold Krabs is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's hit show SpongeBob SquarePants.

Mr Krabs is the owner of the world famous restaurant the Krusty Krab most famous for their delectable-looking Krabby Pattie burgers,

The crab is known for starring as the money-driven manager of the burger joint where the protagonist SpongeBob works as a burger flipper.

He is also the father to a whale called Pearl who he loves dearly.

How did Mr Krabs die?

It has been alleged that Mr Krabs died was found dead inside his Krusty Krab restaurant with his throat cut.

A viral PDF document or 'court document' – titled The Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants – details how Mr Krabs was found dead in his restaurant.



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The coroner concluded that the wound was inflicted by a metal spatula.

A similar spatula was found next to Mr Krabs’ body and was covered in his blood.

The document also includes witness statements from friends of SpongeBob hinting that the character of likely to be the murderer,

Since the document hit the internet in 2021, SpongeBob fans have continued to share their disbelief of the case via Twitter,

One person tweeted, "WT* DO YOU MEAN PATRICK KILLED MR. KRABS??!?"

Another fan asked, "WHAT MR. KRABS IS DEAD???"

Despite the 'court papers' being well written and heavily detailed, it is likely the document was the product of a school project or merely fan fiction.

SpongeBob creators were forced to pull episodes off air, after a "virus storyline" and an episode regarding Mr. Krab's "panty raid," failed a standards review.

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