If You Don’t Like Season 5 of ’Jane the Virgin,’ This Theory Will Totally Change Your Mind

[This post contains spoilers about season 5 of Jane the Virgin.]

Jane the Virgin has been a pretty wild show from the start. It has served us fake deaths, love triangles, and you know, that whole “virgin getting pregnant” thing. But the final season of the show has been a bit tame, wouldn’t you agree? Sure, we saw Michael come back from the dead, but once that story line was neatly wrapped up, we spent a bunch of time watching Mateo struggle to learn how to read. Obviously, literacy is super important but like…where’d all the juicy scandals go?

Well, fans seem to think that Mateo’s education plotline is actually super important to the story. In fact, there’s a theory bouncing around that could completely change your mind about this season entirely.

People think that Mateo is actually the narrator of the show. Well, obviously not kid Mateo. It’s a grown-up Mateo, with a pretty great sense of humor.

OMG what if the narrator of jane the virgin turns out to be mateo after he’s grown up !! and that’s how he knows how everything turns out!!

The theory fully checks out because the first sentence that Mateo ever reads is “our story begins,” which is the first line of Jane’s book. It also happens to be the first line of the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin. There’s NO way that’s a coincidence. It seems like the book Jane just wrote is actually the story that has been told throughout the series.

Mateo is the narrator. The show began with “our story begins” and this episode he finally read with “our story begins” #JaneTheVirgin

I’m so sure now that young Mateo is the narrator, that whole thing of him reading the beginning of Jane’s manuscript felt like some serious foreshadowing #janethevirgin

Mateo would probably know allllll the little details that someone who has simply read Jane’s book couldn’t. He knows all the characters in the story well enough to provide hilarious commentary on them.

Reddit user Hummusforever (dope name, BTW) made a point that has me convinced that Mateo is the only person who could be the narrator. As we know, the narrator understands Czech. An adult Mateo could potentially understand it too, because Petra’s twins are his half-sisters. At this point in the show, Petra, Jane, and Rafael have decided that they’re one big family, and this would be a culture he is very familiar with.

Oh, and by the way…Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman said that there have been little hints throughout the series about the narrator’s identity. That means it’s someone we’ve already seen. It’s gotta be Mateo!

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