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AS drama played out on Made In Chelsea, behind the scenes entrepreneur Harvey Armstrong was busy brewing up plans to make millions.

The ambitious 27-year-old worked behind the scenes to create a craft beer brand called Prime Time with former co-star Sam Holmes.

The dynamic duo tapped into an untouched market by launching a low calorie lager, which doesn't compromise on taste or alcohol content.

Harvey's now a millionaire with hopes his company will be worth £250million by 2030.

But the reality star gets frustrated that Made in Chelsea stereotypes make people think he's been handed his fortune on a plate.

"I haven't had a penny from my parents since I moved out when I was 18," Harvey told The Sun in an exclusive interview.


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"People probably think I'm wealthy, that I don't need to work and I've been handed loads of money to get this business off the ground, but it's not the case. 

"I'm from a very modest background and I'm very much business-driven. 

"There is definitely a perception of all of us on Made In Chelsea being these rich, trust fund babies. 

"That's not to say there aren't a few of those on the show, but there are also guys and girls who are really hard working, driven and see the value in what they can bring.

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"It's frustrating, but they're going to think what they're going to think."

Harvey joined Made in Chelsea in 2019 while filming in Buenos Aires.

He was introduced as the ex-boyfriend of Jamie Laing's fiance Sophie Habboo and later got into a relationship with co-star Emily Blackwell.

Their relationship ended in tears when Emily discovered her live-in boyfriend had cheated on her.

They came to blows in the latest series while filming in Bali when Emily brought up fresh allegations a year after their split.

"I'm not an overly emotional guy, but that was a real low point for me," he says.

"I couldn't believe it was still happening and I was getting hit from every side because of this thing I've tried so hard to get past.

"It felt like an attack out there to be honest, but that's what happens on those away trips. You're in a bubble and everyone gets on top of each other.

"It was quite tough."

Since joining the E4 show four years ago, Harvey's become a lead character in the BAFTA-winning non-scripted reality show.

But he doesn't shy away from the real reason he chose to put his life on the telly, admitting: "Fortune over fame has always been my goal, but if fame can support my journey to fortune then that was something I was willing to do.

"You can use the show and the profile to support the success of a business. 

"A lot of celebrities put their name to alcohol brands, like David Beckham, Kylie Jenner, The Rock, but it most likely won't be them plugging away on the numbers. On a smaller scale I'm trying to be the business guy and the face. 

"I have a very ambitious target to sell the company with a £250million valuation in five to seven years. I just need to power forward to that, but we're on track.

"And I enjoy doing Made in Chelsea – it adds value to what I do and I think I've gone through the hardest part.

"I've put my life on that show – I've fallen in love, I've broken my heart, broken a girl's heart, I've moved in with a girl and moved out, and all the other silly things in between.

"But I'd be wary of getting into a relationship on the show again. I think the fun, free and single route is easier."

Harvey's a regular in popular Chelsea clubs on the show – and he's even opening a bar in the area later this spring which will sell his low-calorie lager.

Prime Time, he says, is for beer lovers who are health conscious and fitness focused, but still looking to enjoy themselves on a night out.

It's gluten free, vegan friendly and is just 95 calories per bottle at 4.2% ABV.

"It has 30 per cent less calories than standard lager and 63 per cent less carbs," Harvey explains. 

"So you can drink three pints for the price of one because you're saving 90 calories per pint.

"It means you can still enjoy yourself with no compromise. The taste is great, we've won awards for taste. We've just stripped out all of the unnecessaries."

The ethos behind Prime Time is about "being your best self you can be", says Harvey,

He adds: "One of the big things with Prime Time is giving back to the homeless.

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"It goes with the ethos of being in your Prime, being your best self you can be – hence why we want to help those at the other extreme.

"Those who are not in their Prime and who need a helping hand and a step up in life."

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