Ingrid Tarrant called irresponsible on GMB as she gives hugs but refuses vaccine

Ingrid Tarrant sparked fury on Good Morning Britain after admitted she has refused the Covid vaccine.

The 66-year-old presenter, who is the wife of TV legend Chris, was slammed for saying that she is "too young" for the jab.

She said she was not concerned about contracting the deadly bug, admitting she had been hugging her loved ones during the lockdown.

Ingrid was slammed after breaking rules despite her own son had suffered from Covid early on in the pandemic.

Host Adil Ray and Dr Hilary Jones branded her "irresponsible" for her action on GMB.

She claimed she was scared about the side effects of the vaccine but wouldn't have it as the roll out is "unproven".

Host Adil asked: "Are you not worried about catching it?"

Ingrid told him: "No, that sounds so arrogant, doesn't it? I am clean, I take precautions, having the vaccination doesn't stop us from getting it and it doesn't stop us from spreading it."

Adil bluntly told her: "Well it does, it's proven to lower transmission – have you had the vaccine?"

"No not yet, I am far too young," Ingrid replied.

But Adil wasn't done there and added: "Ingrid, this really worries me."

Explaining she could infect him and his vulnerable family members, it seemed to call on deaf ears.

She told the show: "I have the hug bug, I've had it all my life, and I hug people I don't even know and I even hugged a traffic warden who said 'steady on'.

"I am very tactile and I think it is very primal as it is the first thing we do."

Dr Hilary then told her straight, saying it is more risky not to have the jab.

He said: "The risk benefit is enormously in favour of the benefits, because Covid-19 is much more dangerous than the vaccination, which is safe, effective, and will be out way out of the pandemic."

GMB airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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