Inside Jack P Shepherds life – stalker hell, Hollywood fail and name change

Jack P Shepherd is one of the most recognisable soap stars in Britain, but but his life off-screen could be a soap plot in itself.

He's spoken of an obsessed fan, opened up about having an eating disorder and even blew a huge change at worldwide stardom.

The Coronation Street star has played the fan-favourite David Platt in the ITV soap since he joined the Cobbles in 2000, where he plays Tina O'Brien's on-screen brother.

His time on Corrie hasn't gone unnoticed either, because he's bagged a big stack of soap awards during his two decades on the show.

Recent spoilers revealed that David's set to be blamed for the sinkhole chaos that unfolded in Weatherfield.

David's told some horrible news by Leo (Joe Frost) that he could have prevented the sinkhole disaster that wreaked havoc on the soap's residents as it opened up again.

The deadly sinkhole first opened up in Gail Platt's garden back in 2020, but it returned in frightening force as Johnny (Ryan Hawley) died in an attempt to save Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews).

To mark Jack's action-packed week on the soap, Daily Star have dug into his fascinating personal life.

Soap success and Coronation Street

Before becoming a soap superstar on Corrie, northerner Jack had already appeared in television shows.

In 1999, the actor appeared in an episode of the ITV drama, Where the Heart Is, playing the role of Carl Smith.

A year later, he starred as Charlie Kolakowski in BBC One's drama Clocking Off, where he starred with his future Corrie sister, Tina O'Brien.

However, it was when he joined the Cobbles in 2000 that Jack became a household name in the soap world.

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Jack's character of David was originally played by Thomas Ormson, but David took over the role at the age of 12.

He made his first on-screen appearance on Corrie in an episode broadcast on April 26, 2000, and he's gone on to bash up cars, push his on-screen mum Gail down the stairs, and much more.

As a series regular for two decades, he's starred in over 2,500 episodes as Gail's son, which is quite a feat.

He's bagged plenty of awards during his tenure too, including two British Soap Awards – Villain Of The Year in 2008 and Best Actor in 2018.

At the start of his career, he had to adopt his middle initial of 'P' as his stage name, because there was already a well-known actor called Jack Shepherd on the circuit.

Stalker hell

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It seems like Jack's fame hasn't come without its issues though, because in 2019 he revealed he had a stalker.

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared a series of sexualised messages he'd been sent from a fan who was obsessed with his hands and nails.

He shared a series of screenshots which showed the stalker telling him what they wanted to do to his hands.

One message read: "I love your hands and nails.

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"I want to do things to your hands and nails."

Another message read: "I love your hands and nails so much.''

This prompted Jack to reply: "Really, would never have guessed."

A source at the time said: "Jack thinks it’s pretty funny and harmless so he’s not too worried.

"But he knows to monitor the situation in case the messages escalate from the merely creepy to the sinister or even dangerous."

Eating disorder

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Jack revealed that he had an eating disorder after one social media troll accused him of being "far too thin".

The Twitter troll had tweeted: "Wise up… he looks like someone who could do with a good feed."

Responding to the troll online in January, Jack shared that he suffered from an eating disorder.

He replied: "I have an eating disorder. Thank you for being nice."

Jack's followers praised the actor for raising awareness about the issue, with one writing: "Well done on speaking out, however you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. People too quick to judge too fat / too thin etc x."

Hollywood audition fail

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The soap star once admitted that he missed out on a chance at Hollywood success as a youngster.

Jack had auditioned for the major film, Billy Elliot, which came out in 2000, the same year of his Corrie debut.

However, he flopped the audition and Jamie Bell bagged the famous role, who ended up winning a BAFTA for the film.

"When this film came out I was like 11 to 12-years-old and I'd obviously been for an audition," he said.

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He spoke of the audition on his Sofa Cinema Club podcast, which he hosts with fellow Corrie stars Colson Smith and Ben Price.

He said: "I was only gutted in the sense that I did not get it because of the success the film went on to do – Academy Award nominations. And I used to watch the Academy Awards religiously.

"And getting up in the middle of the night to watch them. So, when you sort of see a film that you auditioned for, it could have been you and you could have been there, it's kind of like…"

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Ben replied: "That's hard.''

Jack went on: "Yeah, I suppose, yeah. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'd have done anywhere near as good a performance as Jamie Bell did.''

Colson said: "But you'd have liked the chance?''

Jack replied: "Well, I did have the chance and I f***ed it up!''

Love life

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Jack was in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart Lauren Shippey for a whopping 15 years between 2002 and 2017.

The pair were once engaged, and they have two children together – their daughter, Nyla, and their son, Reuben.

During their relationship, Jack fathered a baby boy after he had an affair with sales executive Sammy Milewski.

Their boy, called Greyson, has a rare genetic condition called AHC.

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Jack and Lauren announced their separation in October 2017, but the pair have remained friends since.

He then started dating his current girlfriend Hanni Treweek that year, who worked in the script department of the Manchester-based soap.

Jack recalled: "We met at Corrie but we only really knew each other to say hello to at work,"

The pair ran into each other again at a mutual friend's wedding.

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Jack said: "We got chatting, I made Hanni laugh, we had a couple of drinks and we flirted. That was it."

However, they bumped into each other again at Sainsbury's.

Jack revealed: "I texted her afterwards and said 'that was awkward' and she told me she thought she looked a mess and then we started texting from there.

"I actually thought she looked fit – I just saw the girl I fancy wearing Lycra! We quickly went on our first date and we just clicked."

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He added: "Hanni freaked out as she was wearing gym gear and thought she looked a state."

She said: "I had no makeup on, bright red skin and my unwashed hair was in a bun on my head. I did the classic girl thing of getting embarrassed and left."

Jack and Hanni moved in together after a year of dating, but it was about a year before she met his children.

The smitten couple have already planned to tie the knot, buy a house and have kids together.

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