’It’s wrong of the Queen’ Levin fumes at royals for keeping Meghan bullying inquiry secret

Angela Levin: 'The Queen is wrong to keep bullying enquiry secret'

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The findings of a report into allegations of bullying made against Meghan Markle will be kept private. The investigation was launched in March 2021 and the Duchess of Sussex strongly denied the allegations. The palace said those involved in the inquiry needed to have “confidentiality” as they defended keeping details secret. However, speaking on GB News, royal expert Angela Levin said she thought it was “wrong of the Queen” to allow this to be the case.

She stated: “I think it’s wrong of the Queen to decide that nothing comes out.

“For those that were left traumatised by this, I think it would be very important for them and for others to know how they (the Royal Family) want to re manage things in future.

“They haven’t been told anything about the investigation and what was going to come out.

“I understand family comes first.”

Levin continued: “A lot of us think family comes first but you also need to care for the other people and not let them come last.

“You’ve got to make those who have spoken to the investigators feel like it has some point to it, because it must have been very hard to retell a story that was very hurtful to you.”

Following the investigation, Buckingham Palace said there would be changes to “policies and procedures” which would be made known to “all members of staff, all members of the Royal Family”.

It’s believed these changes would lead to improved working practices for staff.

Meghan is yet to comment on the findings of the inquiry but when the allegations first emerged, a representative claimed it was the “latest attack on her character”.

They stated Meghan has been the “target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma”.

Elsewhere on GB News, royal expert Charles Rae told host Colin Brazier the Duchess was “being done a disservice”.

Rae argued: “So the Queen brought in some lawyers to carry out an investigation and they promised that the result of this investigation we would know in this sovereign grant publication today.

“And what they’ve done is they’ve said we’re not going to let them know, it’s confidential.

“We are paying the Royal Family an awful lot of money, and I think it’s right, it’s in the public interest if one of them is being accused very much like Prince Andrew who denied all of his allegations, and very much like Harry and Meghan, if they’ve been accused of various things, then we should know the result of any investigation.”

Rae added: ”It should not be hidden away and interestingly, I think they’re doing Meghan a disservice because if she is to be exonerated, then they’re not exonerating her.

“In fact, they’re saying that there are changes in their HR department of dealing with stuff which gives you the impression that the girl has done something wrong.

“So we’re now left with, is Megan a bully? Is Megan not a bully?”

Brazier airs on GB News on weekdays at 4pm.

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