ITV This Morning: Star fights back tears as she opens up on father’s death

Emma fought back tears on This Morning today as she opened up about her father’s death ahead of a call-in segment.

Ben Shephard asked Emma how she was doing not long after she revealed her father had passed away on social media last week.

The presenter said noted it was “very sad” but mental health was important and she wanted to be back in the studio helping viewers.

Emma added she had been inundated with messages from viewers on social media sending their condolences to her.

Ben began: “It’s lovely to see you. Anyone who knows Emma, or follows Emma on your social media, will know you’ve had a very tough couple of weeks.

“You lost your father. Just quickly how are you?”

Emma replied: “You know what, I’m much better because of my social media, if I’m really honest.

“I can’t describe the outpouring of thanks I’ve got to give to everyone. Every message I’ve read, it’s just been wonderful.

“It’s very sad but that’s completely okay and I’m very proud of my dad as well.”

Ben continued: “I know you’re going to be coming back and talking about that in a couple of weeks.”

Rochelle added: “Thank you for coming, for being here.”

“I want to be back,” Emma clarified before launching into today’s call-in.

Last week, Emma shared a video of herself informing her 19,200 Twitter followers about her father’s death.

She posted: “My lovely cyber family. This is the hardest message I will ever share, the most tragic message I will ever convey.

“I want you to know I am surrounded by love ⁦@thismorning ⁦@CloserOnline you have followed my Dads journey and you deserve the conclusion. Xxxxx.”

After receiving messages from her fans, Emma added: “I know that I usually respond to all the tweets I am lucky enough to receive.

“I want each and every one of you to know how grateful I am for your love, your kindness and just your absolute empathy.

“To those who don’t know me, yet have found me do not underestimate your impact x.”

Emma is expected to be returning to This Morning in a number of weeks to talk about her father and his journey in more detail.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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