Jamie Oliver says he's called an 'a***hole' and spat at saying some people have never forgiven him for Turkey Twizzlers

JAMIE Oliver has admitted that he gets called an "a***hole" and is spat on for banning Turkey Twizzlers from school dinners.

The celebrity chef, 46, has revealed that some people have still not forgiven him for getting the notorious lunchtime snack barred from school dinners in 2005.

Jamie targeted the dinner staple in his TV show Jamie's School Dinners, which revealed their high fat and sugar content.

The TV star told fans that not everyone rejoiced when the meat product was banned.

Speaking on 12 Questions podcast, Jamie said: "When I was walking around schools as a 28-year-old, I was getting so much abuse.

"I had so much DNA on my back every day when I got home… it was proper filth."

The telly chef also revealed that people still bring it up when they see him and was called an "a**ehole" on a recent trip to the zoo.  

He explained: "It’s funny, I was in the zoo the other day when they opened up again, with my kids, and you know two metres away they go 'That’s Jamie Oliver over there.'

"And the girl goes: 'Yeah, I don’t like him, he’s a f**king a**ehole'.

"And my kids are right next to me and hearing it as well, it’s a metre and a half away. 

"As I walk away, she goes to me: 'Have you tried those new Turkey Twizzlers?” and I went: 'No, I haven’t,' and she goes: 'Well, they’re horrible!'

"I said 'You probably wouldn’t like the original ones then,' and she goes: 'No I did, and you took them, you stole them away from me!”’

The corkscrew treats – condemned as fatty processed foods – were greatly missed by nostalgic food fans who even launched a petition, three years ago, to bring them back.

In 2020 Bernard Matthews announced it was relaunching their all new Turkey Twizzlers, with 70 per cent turkey, compared to the prevous 34 per cent, and less fat.

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