Jeremy Vine sparks fury as he suggests Russian soldiers deserve to die

Jeremy Vine sparked a furious backlash from viewers when he suggested Russian soldiers "probably deserve to die" if they fight for Putin.

The BBC presenter made the comments during a heated debate about the Ukraine crisis on his daytime Channel 5 show, Jeremy Vine, on Monday (February 28).

It comes after Putin's Russia invaded Ukraine last week, attacking with airstrikes across the country and targeting major cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Jeremy was speaking to a caller named Bill in Manchester, under a segment titled: "Would you go and fight in Ukraine?"

He asked Bill: "What's your problem with fighting Russians if they've invaded Ukraine? What's your problem with doing that?

Seemingly referring to the events of World War two, Bill replied: "Russia were our allies. The people of Russia are not our enemies,".

However, Jeremy immediately cut him off mid-sentence, saying:" But that's then!"

Bill went on: "I don't think they're the enemies. Quite a number of those Russians you'll probably find will go across… they were holding their hands up this morning not wanting to fight the Ukrainians."

He added: "They were told lies by Putin, surprise, surprise."

Shocking viewers, Jeremy then replied: "True, but Bill, the brutal reality is that you put on a uniform for Putin and you go and fight his war, you probably deserve to die, don't you?"

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Gobsmacked Bill hit back: "Do you?! Do kids deserve to die, aged 18 to 20? Called up, conscripted, who don't understand it?"

Jeremy added: "That's life. That's the way it goes."

Bill added: "Who don't grasp the issues?"

BBC viewers were outraged with Vine's comments about the Russian soldiers, and many condemned his words on Twitter.

Some even complained to Ofcom about the host's words.

One wrote: "What an awful take #JeremyVine. Yes, there are some very bad people within the Russian army, but many/most will be conscripted, young people who either don’t know what they’re doing or are in fear for their lives."

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A second said: "Couldn’t believe what I was hearing, some of these young men/boys have no choice…they’re just kids being sent to be slaughtered"

A third was compelled to complain to Ofcom as they commented: "Ofcom complaint gone in"

A fourth penned: "@theJeremyVine showing that he hasn't got a clue. About anything. Those soldiers are mainly conscripts. They don't have a choice. They certainly don't "deserve" to die. Tool"

A fifth added: "Have we no humanity left? I’m genuinely so shocked"

Others, however, suggested Vine was simply playing the position of 'devil's advocate' rather than espousing his own personal views on the topic.

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