Jinger Duggar still filming Counting On but does she deserve her own show?

Jinger Duggar is arguably one of the more favored children from Counting On. She has always had her own style, but more recently, things have taken a modern twist.

Makeup has been a part of Jinger Duggar’s routine for years. Remember her heavy black eyeliner from old 19 Kids and Counting episodes?

While she opts for a less is more take now, Jinger has been ahead of the curve among the women in her family for years.

Her move to Laredo, Texas following her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo allowed Jinger Duggar to live freer. She was soon sporting pants, jeans, and some Nike shoes.

This was a stark contrast to the modestly dressed Jinger of years gone by. The rules of Jim Bob Duggar no longer applied to her, and she was able to live how she wanted while respecting her husband in the process.

Jeremy Vuolo appears to have a more loving approach to Jinger Duggar and her style. She hasn’t broken the modest look, but she has worn more form-fitting clothing.

The couple appears to be happy and loving, something that isn’t always apparent with some of the other Duggar couples who film Counting On.


It was confirmed that Jinger Duggar’s move to Los Angeles was being documented by Counting On cameras. Living in California has proven to be different for the reality star, and she is now being photographed by paparazzi as she grocery shops.

In fact, her outfit from a recent Trader Joe’s trip was dubbed trendy by several fans.

There have been several suggestions that Jinger Duggar should star in her own reality show. She is living her best life and some viewers want to learn more about what she is up to and how things are different living in Los Angeles. Could she draw the ratings needed?

Right now, it looks like Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo will remain a part of Counting On despite being even further from the family’s home base of Arkansas. A new season is expected to debut soon, but until then, viewers are keeping an eye on the Duggars and their social media accounts.

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