Kate Ferdinand shows off £2,800 cot and reckons her dog Ronnie is ‘slowly coming around’ to baby Cree

KATE Ferdinand has shown off her son's £2,800 cot and reckons her dog Ronnie is ‘slowly coming around’ to baby Cree.

The former Towie star is married to ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand and they welcomed their first child together in December.

Kate, 29, has been honest with her social media followers over her journey as a new mum.

She recently revealed her pooch Ronnie had been avoiding her since Cree was born – walking away from the star whenever she has her son with her.

But on Thursday she happily shared the news that Ronnie seemed to be comfortable in her presence once again.

In a picture of the adorable dog sleeping next to a beautiful padded bassinetfor the baby, she wrote: "Ronnie napping on the bean bag next to Cree's crib…

"I think he's slowing coming round."

Not forgetting to mention the luxurious cot, Kate added: "How beautiful is his crib/bassinet? I love it @aristotofficial".

The bassinet retails at an eye-watering £2,800 and can be used as a more mobile alternative to a cot.

Sold by luxury brand Aristot, the piece is crafted by European artisans and can be converted into a table, chair or stool, once the baby no longer has any use for it.

Kate recently admitted she "gets so nervous" when she shares new photos of baby Cree on Instagram.

She made the confession as she released a new snap to her 1.4 million followers, and said she isn't sure why but the reservations are still there.

She explained on a sweet picture of herself holding Cree in her arms: "Instagram has been a really positive place for me in the last few weeks but for some reason whenever I post anything I get so nervous.

"I'm not exactly sure why, but I start regretting posting straight away. Does anyone else feel like this?

"I love this picture of me and my big boy so I don't know what I would be nervous about but the feelings are still there."

She later thanked her supporters for their replies to her worries.

Kate said: "Turns out lots of you feel the same… that's made me feel a bit more normal."

Kate married Rio in 2019 and is stepmum to his three kids Lorenz, Tate and Tia.

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