Katie Piper reveals '72 hours of hell' after flight disaster and theft | The Sun

KATIE Piper has had the work trip from hell as one thing went wrong after another.

The Loose Women star has jetted off to the United States for 10 days of filming, but her journey there was filled with relentless obstacles.

Katie's problems started before she even got the airport, as she revealed she had had suffered a medical incident hours before jetting away.

She captioned the picture of her eye looking bloodshot, telling her followers: "The day before my flight, blood vessels burst in my bad eye.

"Luckily I was able to fly and I'm fine, it was more mentally caused me stress and anxiety."

But after she boarded her flight, the problems for the 39-year-old star went from bad to worse.


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She posted several stories, one directly from the aircraft: "After 10 hour flight I landed in Atlanta"

"To find out my luggage had been lost/stolen. I stayed in the airport for hours trying to locate it but it was a lost cause.

"I'm now on my next flight heading to Houston with one pair of pants, a new toothbrush from the airport and the same outfit I was in yesterday.

"Had a bit of a secret cry in the toilet and felt better!"

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Things initially looked up for the star who managed to find shops in Texas so she could stock up on her essentials.

She then recorded a short video clip for her fans as she touched down: "I have just landed in Houston, 14 hours of travel completed.

"I am absolutely praying the one remaining suitcase I have on this trip is at baggage claim. Please pray for me and send positive thoughts.

She eventually splashed the cash to replace her missing belongings as she captioned another clip: "Yay found a @zara. Now own more than one outfit for 10 days of filming.

"Suitcase hasn't been found but I am holding onto hope that it might be in the next few days,

"Livid that my Prince Harry book, favourite tripod and vitamins were in the lost case also."

But if she thought events would get better as she prepared to take on her secret project, she was sadly mistaken as she was presented with mouldy fruit at her accommodation.

Although she was greeted with a lovely fruit bowl as a "welcome package" in her hotel room, she was soon disappointed.

"Yup you guessed it. I ate 3 before i started to feel like the taste and texture were off."

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But she then struggled to work off her worries in the gym, as she took to Instagram to lament her lost belongings.

Taking to her story to post a snap of her new sneakers, she exclaimed: "In the worst trainers for exercise but my gym trainers were in the stolen case!"

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