Kenan Thompson and Joe Manganiello Go 'Mad Libs' as Baseball Announcers in 'Tonight Show' Sketch

It was a competition to see who could get the most ridiculous words and phrases into the sketch, and then not break when Manganiello turned into Cubs broadcaster Harry Carey!

Sketch comedy is challenging enough already, but then throw in the randomness of "Mad Libs" and it can turn into total chaos. Nevertheless, Joe Manganiello and Kenan Thompson were up for the challenge on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night.

We expected Kenan to excel at this considering he’s been on "Saturday Night Live" almost longer than Generation Z has been alive. And Jimmy Fallon spent many years at Studio 8H as well, so we knew he’d be fine, too. It was Joe who turned out to be the real surprise … and in the best way possible!

You might think it wouldn’t be funny watching two men fill out Mad Libs random words and phrases, but you would be wrong when you’ve got Joe throwing out words like "farmhands" and "beating." His mind went so ridiculously random, it really set the guys up for a challenge.

Add to that Kenan throwing out a number over a million and the recipe for disaster was all but baked. From there, it was into costume and over to the set to bring surreality to life. Beautifully, all three men committed fully to the insanity, pulling this whole ridiculous experiment off much better than they had any right to.

We’re not sure who told Joe that he should channel legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Carey at his absolute drunkest as his parody inspiration, but we were absolutely here for it. Jimmy, of course, shared many seasons on "SNL" with Will Ferrell’s infamous Harry Carey impression, so he recognized what Joe was doing immediately and it nearly caused him to crack.

Nevertheless, consummate professional broadcasters Steve Butt (Kenan), Kyle Heinz-Ketchup (Jimmy) and December Greek (Joe) persevered through what had to have been the longest game in MLB history between the Georgia Farmhands and the United States of America Panties with the score all knotted up at 1,100,060 apiece!

Check out the video and you will believe that a sold-out crowd at Hong Kong Phooey Stadium would actually stick around for that much baseball.

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