Kim Cattrall Says Samantha Jones Is Still With Her, 'I Felt Ultimately Protective of Her'

Many fans had to mourn Samantha Jones not because she was killed off of Sex and the City. But because Kim Cattrall decided to stop playing her. The show decided to keep her alive through texts. Cattrall talked about keeping the character with her and protecting her.

Why did Kim Cattrall quit playing Samantha Jones?

Cattrall played the publicist since the first season of Sex and the City. She became an iconic character with her wit and freedom around sex. But the actor refused to continue to play the character after the second movie.

“Never. It’s a no from me,” she told Daily Mail about her being in a third movie in 2019. “​​You learn lessons in life and my lesson is to do work with good people and try and make it fun,” the actor added. 

This was taken as a reference to Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw. It’s known the two don’t get along. Although Cattrall is moving on to other shows like Queer as Folk and How I Met Your Father, she says her iconic character is still with her.

Kim Cattrall says Samantha Jones is still with her

The actor is finally speaking about the reboot of Sex and the City and her leaving it behind. She answered if the character is still with her.

“Oh yes,” Cattrall told Variety. “Because parts of her are with me. I played her, and I loved her. I felt ultimately protective of her. I felt that way with Rhoda on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I just loved her so much.”

The interviewer mentioned how fans want more Samantha. “What a great compliment,” she said. “I’ve played so many different kinds of characters, you think — why that character? Why then? It was a time coming out of AIDS and making sex positive again. There were so many parallels of me growing as an actor and that character.” 

“I would never want to look back on that with anything other than pride,” she continued. “That I did that, that it existed. I don’t know how I did it sometimes, because it was really scary.”

She says Samantha was never desperate

Cattrall defended her character in the new interview by mentioning how the public viewed her. “I felt like I was now cast as a cougar, which became not as positive as other aspects,” she said. “People say, ‘You coined it.’ I didn’t feel that was part of my character. There was never a desperation; it was always on her terms, which I loved.”

The actor also claimed in the script for the third movie Samantha was supposed to receive an unsolicited naked picture from 14-year-old Brady. She was against that story and thought the franchise could focus on Samantha’s career instead.

It sounds like Cattrall is at peace with her exit from the franchise. She also sees the positive aspects in the character she played for so many years.

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