Law and Order’s Bobby Reyes star on stabbing aftermath

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The latest Law and Order spin-off is back and better than ever for its third season and things have been heating up for Elliot Stabler (played by Christopher Meloni) and his unit of first-class investigators. After a covert mission to Rikers Island ends in bloodshed, a key member of the Organized Crime task force has revealed how the team is handling the fallout after the NBC drama’s two-week break.

Rick Gonzalez has hinted Bobby will be making a speedy recovery in the next episode of Organized Crime after getting stabbed at Rikers.

In the fourth episode of OC’s third season, the newcomer is sent to the New York penitentiary to gather intel on the murder of Harry Cole (Jeorge Bennett Watson).

Bobby goes undercover as someone from the same neighbourhood as Kenny Kyle (Michael Drayer), the prime suspect in the murder.

Although he eventually gets the proof he needed, Bobby’s mission doesn’t go entirely to plan and he ends up being stabbed when he tries to protect Kenny from other inmates who have been threatening him.

Thankfully, the injury wasn’t fatal, and the detective was able to get on with the job and should have made a full recovery by the time the next episode starts on Thursday night.

“Bobby is somebody who knew how to put himself in that position, and these are the cool things that made me excited about playing Bobby,” Rick explained.

“He’s somebody who knew how to put himself in danger and sort of find a way to be okay in those scenarios.”

After just four appearances in the Law and Order offshoot so far, Bobby has already cemented himself as one of the most hot-headed and unpredictable members of the team.

Although his chaotic temperament could make him a liability for Stabler’s task force, he’s also more willing to put himself in harm’s way than some of his colleagues.

Rick told TV Insider: “One of the things that I love about Bobby Reyes is playing a character who thrives in chaos.

“I think that’s where he’s comfortable in. And so having to heal up from a stab wound that he knew how to take in the first place is sort of par for the course for him.”

It sounds like healing up from a severe wound is nothing new for Bobby, so fans shouldn’t notice the ordeal taking any sort of toll on the detective over the coming episodes.

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The actor explained he did plenty of research into real-life detectives to determine how Bobby would come back from the life-threatening situations he’ll face on a daily basis.

“In studying the character and researching and stuff, I’ve known a lot of people in that world who thrive in chaos,” he explained.

“And then learning from some detectives and talking with John McCormack, who’s our advisor, there’s just so many people who are undercover detectives who just know how to finesse their way through these crazy moments.

“So Bobby’s gonna do fine in this, and I think that’s how the audience is gonna get to know him and see how he brings his talents and his abilities to the squad.”

Bobby has only just been introduced at the start of OC’s third season, so fans will have plenty more opportunities to get to know him better over the next episodes.

As to where his story will progress, Rick teased: “I think we’re gonna see connections to his past, people that he’s cared about, people that he lost contact with, and we’ll see how he handles that.

“And I think we’re in for a treat because we’re gonna definitely see the core of what makes Bobby tick and why it makes him tick.”

Law and Order: Organized Crime continues Thursdays on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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