Lily and Stacey destroyed by crushing blow from Ryan as he exits EastEnders

Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) arrived back in EastEnders like a whirlwind this week, after hearing that 12-year-old daughter Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) was pregnant.

However, as soon as he appeared, he was gone again, as he left unceremoniously in this evening’s episode.

He had arrived on the square with an agenda: To take Lily home with him.

Having broached the idea with her, she was still considering it, much to mum Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) disgust.

When Lily overheard Stacey stressing about her income, following the break in of the bap van, her decision was made.

She told Ryan that Stacey could barely afford the food shop as it was, let alone pay for a baby, so she would take the pressure off by moving in with her dad.

Understandably, Stacey was furious to find Lily packing a bag, deciding that Ryan must have dripped poison into her ear.

As Lily went upstairs to continue packing, Stacey laid into Ryan for lording his money over them.

He retaliated with a few home truths of his own, belittling her for having children with different dads and being on benefits, unaware that Lily was listening.

Horrified that he could be so cruel to her mum, she demanded that he leave, and informed him that she wouldn’t be going to Wakefield after all.

He packed his things, but was sure to pay them a visit before he headed off for good.

Fuming, he cruelly stated that he would be cutting his child maintenance payments down to the minimum, leaving Stacey gobsmacked.

Knowing that Stacey was struggling to feed her kids as it was, this was a horrifying development – one that Ryan knew would hurt the family greatly.

How will Stacey cope on even less income?

And is this the last we’ve seen of Ryan?

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