’Look where you’re going!’ Phillip Schofield scolds Holly Willoughby in cooking mix-up

This Morning: Holly spills lemon juice on Phillip

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby joined Gino D’Acampo in the This Morning kitchen on Tuesday’s instalments of the ITV daytime show. The Italian chef was demonstrating how to cook a lemon chicken dish, but things soon spun out of control. Phillip and Gino both chided Holly for her pouring technique as she added ingredients to a mixture.

Gino explained he would be guiding Holly and Phillip as they made a “property Italian dressing”.

He explained that one of them would have to continually stir the mixture while the other slowly added ingredients.

Phillip grabbed the bowl and whisk and began mixing some virgin olive oil as Holly was tasked with gradually introducing some water.

However, Gino was quick to point out Holly was doing it wrong.

“Keep going, slowly, slowly. Holly there is no need to get a ladder!” Gino exclaimed, highlighting the height she was pouring the mixture from.

The chef mimicked her pouring technique and encouraged her to get closer to the bowl.

“Otherwise you’re going to mess him up,” Gino remarked.

Phillip exclaimed: “That has never bothered her in the past for sure!

“She messes me up on a daily basis,” the presenter laughed.

However, this was just the start of Holly’s mistakes as she soon started to accidentally spill the water over her co-host.

“How much? All of it?” Holly asked, while simultaneously splashing Phillip.

“It’s going all over my hand,” Phillip said, laughing at his co-star’s error.

Passing Holly a new cup, Gino explained: “Now we go in with the lemon.

“We’re doing the lemon and then the salt and pepper,” he added.

“All the lemon?” Holly questioned as she began pouring into the bowl.

Watching over the presenter, Gino swiftly replied: “No, slowly. Holly, Holly!”

“Will you look where you’re going with it?” Phillip exclaimed, as he was splattered with lemon juice.

“Holly, the bowl is here,” Gino said, with Holly replying: “It’s running down the bowl. Why is it running down the bowl?”

The trio eventually finished the dish and after tasting a bite, Holly said: “That is so lovely.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 11am on ITV.

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