Loose Women divided as Janet Street-Porter says she wont give builders a cuppa

On Tuesday's episode of Loose Women, the sassy foursome discussed whether or not you should give a builder or plumber a cup of tea while they're working.

Panellist Janet Street-Porter clashed with the panel when she revealed that she isn't keen on giving builders a cuppa when they're doing work in her house.

The controversial star explained that she isn't very hospitable, especially when the builders are there to do a professional job.

Loose Woman Kaye Adams revealed that those who live in London are the least likely to offer builders cups of tea, while those in Edinburgh are most likely to be hospitable.

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As a Scottish woman, who hosts the morning show on BBC Radio Scotland, she was very smug at the fact her home county came out on top.

Kaye then asked Jane Moore what she thought.

Jane, who lives in South London, said: "100%, I offer a cup of tea.

"Not always a plate of biscuits because we don't generally have biscuits in the house.

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"I always, always do," she said. "I think it's common courtesy."

Kaye Adams then asked Janet whether or not she offers tea to builders.

The controversial host didn't disappoint, as she said: "First of all I look at the rate they're charging per hour.

"And if they're in the London area, and I'm not naming any companies, but if they're the one that always comes in an emergency and charges £100 to £250 to turn up, no they do not get a free cup of tea!" she said as she raised her voice.

Explaining why, she said: "Because that's interrupting them, and would be 10 quid in sipping time."

The Loose Women gasped before she defended herself: "I'm not any good at offering hospitality when they're there to do a professional job and I don't want to hold them up."

Coleen Nolan then said: "That's absolute rubbish, 'You don't want to hold them up.'

"You just don't want to put on the kettle and waste your teabags up on them, because you use expensive teabags."

She went on: "Would you let them use the loo, Janet?"

As Janet replied: "It depends on what they want to do in there, I'm not elaborating."

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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