Loose Women's Coleen Nolan in tears and forced to mop her eyes after collapsing into hysterics live on air

LOOSE Women descended into chaos today as Coleen Nolan wept with laughter and needed a tissue to dry her eyes.

The 56-year-old star was unable to speak during a classic daytime TV discussion entitled: "Do you clean your light switches?"

The panellist, a former singer with the Nolans, derailed the already-giddy show when she suggested she "cleans knobs" – referring to the switches in her home.

Clutching a tissue to her face and throwing her head back, theroared: "Oh I'm going to be sick."

An unsmiling Janet Street-Porter, 74, was unimpressed with the childishness, saying: "Honestly, I've had a career as a national newspaper editor, political pundit.

"Now I'm reduced to discussing putting bleach down a toilet and whether Coleen polishes her knobs."

Loose Women co-star Brenda Edwards, 52, didn't fare much better, also seen wiping her eyes on Tuesday afternoon.

Some fans were delighted with the light-hearted moments on today's show, tweeting: "Love the second half today brilliant debate, couldn't stop laughing."

However, others were just bewildered, with one writing: "No idea what they are talking about or laughing at, just cackling."

A third laughed: "What is happening on #LooseWomen Just turned it on and I'm p***ing myself and have no idea why."

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