Love Island 2019: Maura Higgins joins forces with Lucie to break up Tommy and Molly-Mae?

Love Island returned to ITV tonight and viewers tuned in to see a savage daily challenge; Online Buzz where the Islander had to guess which person was being talked about in a Tweet from a member of the public. 

During one scenario, Lucie Donlan and Anton Danyluk who were hosting the challenge read out the following: “BLANK and BLANK are meant to be, look at them” and following a series of incorrect answers, it was Lucie and Tommy Fury who were named in the Tweet. 

Naturally, Molly-Mae Hague, who has been coupled up with Tommy since the second recoupling, was furious at this viewers perception. 

Already concerned people on the outside had seen sparks flying between Tommy and Lucie, the Tweet was a hot topic of conversation within the villa and it wasn’t long before some of the girls wanted to find out Lucie’s thoughts on the suggestion. 

Those watching at home saw Maura Higgins, Arabella Chi and Lucie gather on the roof terrace and it wasn’t long before the professional surfer revealed her true feelings for the boxer. 

Maura was quick to ask Lucie whether she thought her and Tommy would ever get together romantically and she replied: “Never say never! Obviously we get on.” 

Arabella then explained how in some friendships “feelings and emotions come over time” and Maura added: “I think yogurt on very well. Do you not look at him and think oooh?” 

Laughing off the suggestion, Lucie changed the subject slightly: “I feel so distant at the moment,” to which Maura agreed: “I noticed that.” 

“I feel like I’ve lost him a little bit,” Lucie continued and then the camera switched to her in the Beach Hut talking to the camera. “Obviously I went on a date with him, so I was considering it [dating Tommy] back then. 

“Never say never. I’m not saying it is going to happen or it’s not going to happen.” 

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With Maura noticing Lucie and Tommy growing apart, could she be the one to bring them closer together and allow romance to blossom? 

To add to this, Maura may be considering interfering when she hears the things Molly-Mae has been saying to Tommy about his friendship with Lucie. 

Following a chat with Tommy, Tommy pulled Lucie to one side and viewers saw them sitting around the fire pit discussing Molly-Mae’s worries. 

“Molly-Mae hasn’t got a problem with us being friends, but there needs to be boundaries,” the boxer began. “Cuddling has to be nipped in the bud [and] I’m never not going to be your friend.” 

Watching them from the daybeds, Molly-Mae told the other girls: “They are very close. [And] if it’s coming across to viewers they are meant to be [together] then what have they been doing? 

“I would never stop a guy I’m seeing being friends with a girl, but I don’t want to be mugged off, if they’re flirting or whatever.” 

It then switched back to Tommy explaining to Lucie: “She’s the jealous type, she’s stated that to me, but we’re strictly friends.” And she felt the need to reassure him: “I totally get that. That’s why I’ve stayed my distance.” 

Lucie then left and gave Amber Gill, Maura and Anna Vikili a debrief of her conversation with Tommy: “Him and Molly have got even more closer, and I’ve not spent that much time with him. [And] Molly’s said she doesn’t like it. 

“Obviously Molly and Tommy have spoken about boundaries in my and Tommy’s friendships, it’s a bit crap but I get it.” 

It can be suggested, after a quick pep talk from straight-talking Maura, Lucie will realise she is on the show to find someone she likes, will this spur her on to tell Tommy how she really feels? 

Should this be the case, viewers could see a 2017 Wes Nelson dumping Laura Anderson for Megan Barton-Hanson scenario, which would surely get the villa talking. 

Will Lucie go for Tommy?

Many took to Twitter to comment on Lucie’s admission and one said: “Lucie 100% being snakey there #LoveIsland.” 

Another added: “Lucie is a lowkey trying to graft Tommy since day one she’s always liked him… #LoveIsland.” 

A third suggested: “I think Tom & Lucie should get together #LoveIsland both boring as f***… 

Someone else remarked: “honestly just wanna give Lucie a hug, everything she says she can’t seem to catch a break with the girls. let the gal be friends with the boxer get over it #LoveIsland.” 

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV. 

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