Love Island fans left open-mouthed by epic Chloe Burrows blunder as she calls Hugo Hammond 'Diego'

LOVE Island viewers were in hysterics after bombshell Chloe Burrows called Hugo Hammond, 'Diego'.

Chloe was introduced late into the premiere episode of the ITV show in a shocking twist that is sure to upset the new couples' relationships.

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After ALL of the boys agreed to go on a date with her, Chloe made a splash in the Mallorca villa but the next morning couldn't really remember all the boy's names.

When chatting with the girls in the dressing room, Chloe was asked which of the boys had caught her eye.

She admitted she fancied most of them except for one.

"The only I'm not getting a huge sexual attraction off is, what's his name, Diego?" she asked Shannon and Faye – who both chuckled as they corrected her to say his name is Hugo.

Love Island fans were quick to turn the moment into a meme, with many calling for the teacher to be nicknamed Diego.

"The subtle comedic genius in Chloe calling Hugo, Diego has me crying laughing," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Yes Chloe my favourite contestant this year Diego."

And a third said: "Petition to nickname hugo as diego."

While a fourth commented: "She called Hugo… “Diego” he’s going home."

The marketing exec, 25, has been sent in to stir up trouble in the villa and gets her shocking orders, receiving a text saying she would be the villa villain.

However, she looked far from upset at the prospect of leaving someone single, grinning as she read the message.

She was seen saying: "I've got a text" before reading: "Chloe, welcome to Love Island.

"In 24 hours you will couple up with a boy of your choice leaving one girl single."

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The arrival of Chloe, who admitted having a fling with a married dad before joining Love Island was revealed at the end of last night's show.

When asked by ITV why she wanted to go on Love Island she said: "I’ve been in awful ‘situationships’ and stuff so I just thought, why not?!"

Chloe said her friends describe her as "funny", revealing: "I’m always the funny one in a situation.

"I always try and make everyone laugh. Outgoing, I’m quite bubbly and always doing something."

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