Love Islanders get paid wage – but its nothing compared to what they earn after

Love Island is back and after it being cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we couldn't be more excited.

11 islanders have taken their place in the villa, with more coming and going as the series continues.

So cancel your plans and get ready for a summer of drama, laughter and love as we watch the islanders battle it out for love and the chance of winning the £50,000 cash prize.

The winning couple voted by the public then have to decide whether to split or steal the winning cash money.

So far all Love Island contestants have decided to split the winnings, but who knows, maybe this year will bring something new.

But other than the winning cash prize where do the islanders get their money from?

How much do the islanders get paid?

During the time the islanders are in the villa they get paid a weekly wage, which is meant to cover their bills, rent and utilities at home whilst away.

In 2018 contestants were paid £200 a week, increasing to £250 in 2019. This year’s islanders are expected to receive £250 a week pay.

They do not get a specific pay for starring in the show, but ITV supplement living expenses, food and products during the show for the islanders.

A source in 2020 told The Sun: "All the Islanders are getting £200-a-week to be on the show. If you break it down to how many hours they're filming every day it's absolutely nothing!”

Adding "But they know the end goal is mega-money and fame.

"They're all prepared to take the hit now because this time next year they could be rolling in it!"

How much do islanders earn after the show?

This is where the big money comes in. It's the time the Islanders can expect to not only see an increase in Instagram followings but also financially.

Once leaving the villa the majority of the Islanders are expected to receive deals and contracts, including a dramatic increase in their social media following which brings in money in itself.

Past love islanders have already proven huge success since leaving the show.

Runner up 2019, Molly-Mae Hague signed a £500,000 clothing deal with Pretty Little Thing after leaving the island.

And with an Instagram following of over 5.6M, Molly-Mae reportedly earns around £65,520 every time she posts a sponsored post.

Alongside her in 2019 and still going strong, partner and boxer, Tommy Fury reportedly makes over 7K per Instagram post and is worth £2.4m.

Amber Gill, winner of the 2019 series walked away with £25,000 after agreeing to split with Greg O’Shea but has since signed a £1m contract with clothing brand, Miss Pap.

With fewer followings, Amber can still earn an estimated £13,769 per Instagram post.

With a combination of increased Instagram followings and signed contracts, islanders can earn a whopping sum of money after leaving the villa.

Opportunities open and many later become millionaires, it’s no surprise the islanders accept £250 a week during the show.

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