Love Island's Lucie Donlan refuses to rule out romance with Tommy Fury despite his romance with Molly-Mae

LOVE Island’s Lucie Donlan refuses to rule out a possible romance with Tommy Fury despite the boxer already being coupled up with Molly-Mae.

In tonight’s episode, the blonde surfer confides in pal Maura that she might changing her mind when it comes to the 21-year-old.

Sat on the terrace, the best buds discuss Lucie’s previous boyfriends and how in the past her friends have turned into lovers.

She said: “It's just mad because I've had friends as guys and at stages, I have actually ended up dating them at the end.”

Discussing Tommy, Maura asked her: “Would it ever happen?”

To which Lucie replied: “I don't know,” and as Maura quizzed: “Never say never?” she agreed and said: “We can say that.”

Later in the episode the Islanders taken part in a game called 'online buzz challenge' where they have to guess the missing words from some of the public's tweets about them.

In one tweet it reads: "Tommy and Lucie are meant to be," leading to few quizzical eyebrows among the contestants.

Instagram influencer Molly-Mae looks deflated and reveals to Tommy later that she's taken them to heart, admitting she feels jealous of his and Lucie's friendship.

She tells him: "I am the sort of person to get jealous over situations. You do spend a lot of time together. I just feel like she does try to get quite close to you."

The couple are dealt a further blow, when another tweet reads: "Nah, Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae. She doesn't like him. She likes £50k."

"What am I meant to say? I'm a bit speechless to be honest," she laments.

Trying to reassure her friend, Maura steps in and says: "If everyone likes you just be f***ing weird."

But Molly-Mae is clearly upset and replies: "That was the most savage one to be fair, to say I am here for the money. That's rude."

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