Married At First Sight Australia bride smashes a glass in heated clash Sick of you

Married at First Sight Australia season nine has been entertaining fans this year as romantic hopefuls look to find their happily ever after. Domenica Calarco has already added a lot of spice to the show, and the most recent dinner party saw her pushed to her limit as she added some heat to the classy dining experience. 

With the show now officially airing in the UK on E4, British viewers are a few weeks behind the Down Under fans who started in January.

Sitting down on Monday’s episode, all of the couples tried to tuck into one dinner without any drama.

It was all going to plan until things started to heat up between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer.

Feeling the time was right, Frazer decided to call out her fellow contestant for the way in which she “speaks to people”.

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She said: “I just think you need to choose your words really carefully because when you sweat, it comes off way more aggressive.”

In true Calarco style, she replied in her firm manner: “I really hate being told to choose my words wisely. Guess what? I’ll choose my words. Because they’re my words.”

Volleying between each other, Frazer added: “I’m sick of hearing you. I’m sick of your voice yelling all the time. I’m bored of your voice.”

The diners just sat there in shock as the two continued their altercation.

Calarco took her last jibe very personally: “So my voice isn’t okay?”

Frazer finished their heated debate by describing how she was irritated and found it rude when Calarco would often cut her off and talk over her.

Calarco countered: “No, my entire life – I have been told my voice isn’t okay.”

The scene ended in Calarco smashing a glass into several pieces.

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Fans will have to keep watching the show to see if it leads to a bigger fight or the pair putting it behind them and resolving their issues.

The duo’s dynamics throughout the episode sparked fans to share their thoughts on social media, with the majority of viewers supporting Calarco.

@BiAsInBiMyself tweeted: “And Olivia is a teacher, I wouldn’t trust her with my kids especially if she won’t let them have a voice #MAFSAU?”

@i_is_a_batse added: “Passive-aggressive people are the WORST — Olivia is so unlikable. Dom has her flaws, but they’re backed with good intentions. Her delivery is the problem #mafsau”.

Lisa Clark commented: “Even though Dom broke glass like a madman, all the girls still walked towards her to comfort her and Olivia and Carolina was left sitting alone. THAT alone, is telling. #mafs #MAFSAustralia #MAFSAU”.

“All of us deleting any tweet about how cute Olivia was at the start of the season #MAFSAU,” @jas74056987 jested.

Married at First Sight Australia season nine airs on Channel Nine in Australia and on E4 in the UK.

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