Marvel Is Grooming Zendaya's MJ For Spider-Woman in the MCU: Here's How

From Tobey Maguire’s beloved take on the web-slinger and Andrew Garfield’s run as Peter Parker to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, one famous comic book narrative has yet to receive its cinematic justice. While Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced fans to a gamut of Spider beings — all with unique personalities, yet overlapping skill sets — these spider humans do not feature in the main timeline. It’s time fans receive Spider-Woman and, in some comic books, MJ is the one who takes on the responsibility. This time around, MJ is Zendaya’s Michelle Jones, and she has been prepped from the start.

While Michelle Jones is not Mary Jane, it’s clear that the movie is paying homage to the character via the nickname/initials; it’s also quite clear that they seem to be grooming the character for more. The way in which Zendaya’a Michelle Jones has grown within the franchise points to vast potential.

Why Michelle Jones should become Spider-Woman

Kirsten Dunts’ MJ was a bit of a damsel in distress, frequently in need of saving; seeing her character transform into Spider-Woman would have been in direct contradiction with her depiction throughout the franchise. 

Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy was an intelligent and courageous counterpart to Andrew Garfield’s Parker; however, with the Captain Stacy plotline complicating Gwen Stacy’s motivations, this would have required a great deal of tinkering and finessing. Not to mention, she had dreams of attending Oxford; she wanted to gain a prestigious education and set her life up from there. Becoming Spider-Woman would have definitely interfered with her “normal life” plans.

On the other hand, Zendaya’s Michelle Jones deduced Spider-Man’s identity, helped discover Mysterio’s fraudulence (by exposing him as the man who started the elemental crisis), and she was aware of the classes Peter Parker missed in Homecoming. Spider-Woman must be observant, analytical, and brave — all traits Michelle Jones already boasts.

Though a serious person, Michelle Jones possesses a dry and quick sense of humor, which could make for quite an enjoyable to watch Spider-Woman. While Jess Drew may be the predominant version of Spider-Woman in the comics, MJ does feature as Spider-Woman in the Marvel Mangaverse and the Exiles series, and it seems that the film writers are setting her up for more than sidekick duties. It’s almost 2020; Spider-Woman deserves an integral appearance, and Zendaya is the perfect person to carry the torch. 

Zendaya’s got the star-power and the look needed to play Spider-Woman 

While the writers may be developing MJ’s personality to fit a superhero mold, the actress behind the character has what it takes to bring people into the theater. Zendaya’s star quality is on the rise and only continues to surge. 

Zendaya recently appeared in HBO’s Euphoria and The Greatest Showman. She is known for her dramatic and spell-binding work outside of the MCU, and she’s got the agile, athletic look needed to convincingly play the character. 

From the way the character has been built up to Zendaya’s increasing fame and athletic stature, there is no reason she should remain just Michelle Jones when it’s clear she could be the next Spider-Woman, triggering a franchise of her own and appearing in Marvel’s A-Force alongside the other fierce heroines of the MCU. This is not to say that Michelle Jones isn’t enough, but wouldn’t we all love to see Spider-Woman?

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