Mary and Giles romance from first meeting to how Gogglebox saved their marriage

Mary Killen and Giles Wood first joined Gogglebox back in 2015 when they were asked to be on the fifth series of the hit Channel 4 show.

Since then, the Wiltshire couple have been a staple on the programme and have now returned for the 20th series.

Giles and Mary are a firm favourite among Gogglebox fans, known for their dry humour and eccentric taste, which includes their matching wallpaper and furniture.

The married couple are often seen bickering on the programme and regularly call each other "Nutty" as they discuss the nation's TV.

But it turns out that appearing on Gogglebox did a lot of good for their relationship.

Here's how long they've been together, how Gogglebox helped their marriage and what they do for a living.

How long have Giles and Mary been together?

Giles and Mary have been married for over 30 years.

The couple first met at Wimbledon Art School when they were just 21. Giles was studying at the school while Mary was working as a costume model, being paid £4.50 an hour to pose.

They've spent the majority of their marriage living in Wiltshire and have resided in the beloved cottage seen on Gogglebox for 29 years.

But their marriage hasn't been without its troubles, and Mary told the Daily Star in 2020 that they had been struggling to maintain their romance before Gogglebox.

She said: "Giles and I were like ships that pass in the night. I got up early, he went to bed late and we rarely even ate together."

However, appearing on the show seemingly saved their marriage, she added: "I know a few couples who have split up because they have decided they can’t stand one another.

"Sitting down and watching television reminded us how much we enjoyed the same jokes."

Do Giles and Mary have children?

Mary and Giles have two children, although they don't appear on-screen like their parents.

The couple's two daughters are now all grown up and have moved out of the family home.

Although they stay out of the spotlight, one of their daughters could have been a Gogglebox star.

When the series first started in 2015, Mary was not originally considered for the show. Instead, Giles was set to appear alongside one of his daughters.

However, she later chose to opt out of taking part in the show and Giles convinced Mary to take her place instead.

What do Mary and Giles do for a living?

While Gogglebox is reported to pay each family £1,500 a month for taking part in the series, most of the cast have jobs outside the show too, and so do Mary and Giles.

Giles is an artist who sells framed prints and he also contributes to the online magazine The Oldie.

Mary is an author and journalist. She writes The Spectator's Dear Mary column, which sees her acting as an agony aunt.

She has also published a number of books, including her 2020 book What Would HM The Queen Do?, her 2012 book How the Queen Can Make You Happy and her 1997 book How to Live with Your Husband.

In 2017 Giles and Mary also published a book together, titled The Diary of Two Nobodies, which features illustrations by Giles himself.


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