Masked Singer Harlequin’s identity ‘figured out’ as fans hear ‘identical voice’

The Masked Singer fans are convinced they have worked out the identity of the celebrity behind The Harlequin's mask, following their performance on Saturday.

Viewers have predicted Gabrielle will be unveiled as the singer behind the mask, after listening carefully to her vocal range.

Belting out a spectacular rendition of Rihanna's Shine Bright Like A Diamond, The Harlequin proved a talented singer, staying in tune throughout.

Even her movements onstage hinted she was an experienced performer, with judge Mo Gilligan pointing out her gestures were that of a trained singer.

When The Harlequin started singing, viewers were convinced they recognised her voice, insisting it was none other than Gabrielle.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Harlequin is Gabrielle? Just saying, that voice seems so familiar and distinctive!"

"So, I reckon Harlequin might be Gabrielle? The voice sounds identical," a second added.

And a third chimed: "I think Harlequin might be Gabrielle. Sounded like her voice when singing."

"WELL!!! Theres only one person I can think of that has a voice like that! It's got to be Gabrielle!," remarked a fourth.

Gabrielle, 50, whose full name is Louisa Gabrielle Bobb, is a celebrated singer-songwriter from London who climbed the charts in the 90s.

The iconic songstress is famed for tracks like Dreams, When A Woman, and Rise, topping the UK Singles Chart in 1993.

Three years ago she released her sixth studio album, Under My Skin, which marked 25 years since her debut single hit the airwaves.

Offering viewers clues, The Harlequin admitted they were nervous ahead of their performance, saying: "It's like doing karaoke and that is a whole new experience for me."

And, after her performance wrapped, Harlequin added: "I once played a male lead in a musical."

Is Gabrielle behind the mask?

Masked Singer airs on Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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