McDonald's ice cream in the Love Island fridge proves runners sneak junk food treats into the villa

LOVE Island fans spotted a McFlurry in the villa last night – proving that runners sneak junk food treats into the villa for the Islanders.

The McDonald's ice cream was seen on the top shelf of the freezer as Ovie Soko opened it to retrieve his cooled-down hat.

And viewers have been going wild after they pointed out the blunder – as ex-Islander Lucie Donlan revealed the outside treats are supposed to be kept secret.

One began: "Ovie’s hat in the freezer though. What’s even funnier is the McFlurry in there! #LoveIsland"

Another quizzed: "Anyone else see the Mcflurry in the fridge? #LoveIsland"

A third joked: "Who snuck out of the villa and got themselves a McFlurry then?!#Loveisland"

A fourth said: "Wonder who's having the McFlurry???@McDonalds#LoveIsland"

Although, a fifth sceptical fan theorised that the show is pre-recorded as the McFlurry featured a Monopoly sticker, which they stated ended in May.

They slammed: "OMG love island is pre-recorded, one the islanders have a McFlurry in the freezer which mean they get to eat McDonald’s, and two the McFlurry has the monopoly sticker on it and the McDonald’s monopoly ended in may. ??"

And former Love Island star, Lucie Donlan joked: "When your spot the McFlurry in the freezer… ( you guys that's meant to be a secret )"









Meanwhile others simply found it hilarious that Ovie kept his hat in the fridge, with one saying: "Ovie taking his hat out the fridge and putting it on his head. THIS MAN IS THE DEFINITELY OF COOL #loveisland."

However, despite fans outrage after spotting the tasty treat, Lucie had already revealed that the islanders are secretly given McDonald's every two or three weeks, during an interview on Capital FM last week.

She said: "Every two or three weeks we’d have nails, hair, that kind of thing done. And we’d get a Maccies as well.

"Being in there that long, the nights are very long and no one sees how long they are, so you need a bit of a down day and a bit of a chill."

Her revelation came after a runner for the ITV2 show told AfterSun viewers that the islanders are provided with a catering station which is set up on the grounds for mealtimes.

And Love Island champ Kem Cetinay made the bombshell revelation that the contestants are treated to one day off every week to relax on the beach.

Kem said that they are stripped of their microphones and allowed to wander free with NO cameras tracking their every move.

He explained on ITV's This Morning: "People are going mad on Twitter as to why it's not on Saturdays but I know why. Most people don't know this but islanders get a day off every week from the show.

"Normally we go to the beach and we just chill out. There are no microphones.

"So what happens is, when you take the microphone off you're not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show or the couples, you have to talk about home-life and things. And you're being watched by an eagle hawk, by the producers because they don't want you to talk about what's going on.

"You can all sit and chat but they are careful what you talk about, there's someone watching you like a hawk."

Love Island returns tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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