Million Pound Pawn guest in tears over value of really rare Rolex I feel sick

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Million Pound Pawn returned to ITV on Thursday night and pawnbroker Dan Hatfield had his work cut out trying to establish whether a “beautiful” watch brought in by a guest, called Kathryn, was real or fake. The watch belonged to a nursing home resident she cared for called Lou who died from coronavirus last year. Tears started streaming down her face when Dan informed her the watch she was gifted by Lou’s wife following his death was in fact a “really rare” Rolex.

The 59-year-old was Dan’s first customer of the day and she had brought in a gold Rolex for him to value. 

Dan explained as he was examining the piece: “Rolex’s are the most faked watches.”

Kathryn told him she received the watch as a gift and said it was in “absolutely pristine condition” and she was curious to know if it was real. 

“So far this looks good as it has got everything I would expect it to have,” Dan exclaimed. “It’s beautiful and lovely.” 

Kathryn shared the emotional story of how she was given the watch as a present when she worked in a tearoom in a nursing home. 

“I used to go out and get the residents and take them down to the teashop and Lou was one of the first that came into the nursing home and he had dementia,” she explained. 

“His personality was out of this world and his partner Christine used to come and visit him rain or shine and that is how we started our friendship.”

Kathryn started breaking down in tears when she went on to reveal that 20 residents died from Covid at the nursing home last year, including Lou. 

She tearfully said: “Lou died and I was really heartbroken and then I was made redundant, I can’t believe I am not there, I can’t believe Covid had taken away everything that I love.” 

After Lou’s death, Christine wanted Kathryn to have the Rolex and she explained: “If I am honest, I am still very uncomfortable about it now so I want to do something with Christine in memory of Lou if we do have enough money from it.” 

Dan started on the premises that the watch was fake, and while he thought it looked and felt as though it was gold he had his doubts over the hands of the watch which “ticked rather than swept” over the face. 

After studying the watch and calling up a trusted Rolex expert who confirmed it was a “really rare” model, Dan asked Kathryn how much she thought it might be worth and she was hoping for £3,000. 

He told Kathryn the watch, which was a The Rolex Oysterquartz, was a real Rolex and she started sobbing. 

“The offer I want to make to you is £15,550,” Dan told Kathryn as she continued to cry. 

“I never expected this in a million years and I really thought it could be fake,” she said as she wiped tears away. “I feel sick.” 

“It’s a lot of money, it really is. Thank you so much, Dan.” 

After composing herself, Kathryn phoned Christine and was delighted to tell her she was going to take her to New York City for a holiday. 

Many ITV viewers were touched by Kathryn’s story and took to Twitter to comment, with @Peekylad saying: “20 residents! May there be a proper investigation one day. What a lovely lady #millionpoundpawn.” 

@WarwickProud added: “She deserved every penny #MillionPoundPawn.” 

Million Pound Pawn continues next Thursday on ITV at 9pm.

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