Mondo Releasing Vinyl Soundtrack Series Devoted to the Movies of Cameron Crowe, Starting With 'Say Anything'

Cameron Crowe knows a thing or two about music. He got his start as a 16-year-old music journalist for Rolling Stone – an experience he expanded into a feature film with Almost Famous. Now, Mondo is releasing a series of vinyl soundtracks devoted to Crowe’s films, starting off with his angsty teen dramedy Say Anything. Later this year, Mondo will continue the series with expanded soundtracks for Singles and Jerry Maguire.

Over the course of 2021, Mondo plans to release several Cameron Crowe vinyl soundtracks, kicking things off with Say Anything. The Say Anything expanded soundtrack goes on sale this week, February 3, and features a “16-page booklet with never before seen photos, and liner notes from the film’s writer/director Cameron Crowe, stars John Cusack, Ione Sky, Lili Taylor, and composer Nancy Wilson and more.” Here’s a look at the release, along with some details.



Side One
1. All For Love – Nancy Wilson
2. Cult of Personality (Live) – Living Colour
3. One Big Rush – Joe Satriani
4. You Want It – Cheap Trick
5. Taste The Pain – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Side Two
1. In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
2. Stripped (Live) – Depeche Mode
3. Skankin’ To The Beat – Fishbone
4. Within’ Your Reach – The Replacements
5. Keeping The Dream Alive – Freiheit

Side Three – Bonus Tracks
1. Take Five – Dave Brubeck
2. Toy Box – Soundgarden
3. Back In The Saddle – Aerosmith
4. Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) – Looking Glass
5. Turn The Other Way – Fishbone

Side Four – Bonus Tracks and Demos
1. A Girl Like You (Demo) – The Smithereens
2. Sit Down I think I Love You (Demo) – Nancy Wilson
3. The Joe Lies Demos – Nancy Wilson
i. He Hurts Me
ii. That Will Never Be Me
iii. He Cries
iv. Man Child
4. In Your Eyes (Live) – Peter Gabriel

It’s the first time the soundtrack has been issued on vinyl in over 30 years, and features demos written and recorded for the film that were previously unreleased. “We love Mondo. Their work celebrates the same passionate, fun and fan-centric approach we’ve always tried to bring to our movies and soundtracks,” said filmmaker Cameron Crowe. “Working with Mondo on our vinyl releases and the rarity-filled packages…well, it’s a sonic dream come true.”

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