My 3000lb Family star makes startling sex confession

My 3000-lb Family: Casey has to use tub on porch to wash himself

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TLC’s hit reality show My 3000-lb Family followed a bunch of desperate overweight families in their efforts to cut the fat and change their ways forever. One star Casey King, who famously had no choice but to bathe in a trough, rose to fame after starring on the hit reality show.

The star, who featured on season two of My 3000lb Family, recently admitted sex was as achievable as “doing a backflip”.

The reality star weighed a staggering 845lbs (60 stone) at his heaviest, forcing him to bathe in a trough in his garden, following the traumatic events of getting trapped in his shower for 11 hours.

King exclusively spoke with The Daily Star and confessed sex “became a non-factor” before his astonishing 575-lbs weight loss.

He revealed: “Women, sex, relationships, dating, marriage – it became a non-factor when I was that big.”

Recalling what his previous sex life was like, he explained: “It was literally like it doesn’t exist. It was like doing a backflip, speaking another language.”

But since then, the 38-year-old has gained more confidence in himself and the bedroom after being deprived of affection when at his biggest.

Comparing sex to potatoes, King explained: “It’s like this whole new world of, you know potatoes exist, but let’s say you never had potato chips or French fries.

“You’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is a thing people do? You guys have been doing this your whole life?” he told TMZ.

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Thankfully, King claims he has finally got to experience intimacy after his weight loss transformation.

He revealed: “I would say my number of actual sexual partners is below seven. There’s still this huge thing of… sex is super intimate and close and revealing, you are super vulnerable”.

And despite his incredible transformation, the star admitted he still has his hang-ups saying: “I am not really happy about my body still.”

He added: “The feeling is there, the want is there, but my mind is just not. So sometimes it’s not the best.”

The star took to Instagram last year to share the results of his incredible weight loss, and fans were quick to congratulate him on his transformation.

Under the selfie showcasing his weight loss, fan @Xenia.nguyen commented: “This transformation of your body is really amazing. Good job.”

@Jeankimlehmann wrote: “You look amazing!! Loose skin or not – what an amazing journey. You’re an inspiration!! Keep going!!”

A third @Debbee20 added: “You are an absolute inspiration to anyone wanting to lose weight and you look incredible.”

Although he’s getting more confident with the ladies, King did admit he hasn’t met his special person as of yet.

The reality star underwent bariatric surgery as part of his journey on the TLC reality show, which later turned out to be successful.

King has lost a total of 579lb since he featured on the show and has stuck to an intense diet and fitness regime, keeping the pounds off.

My 3000-lb Family is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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