NCIS Hawaiis Vanessa Lachey exposes reason CBS greenlit crossover

NCIS: Trailer for Hawaii and Los Angeles crossover

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Vanessa Lachey is the star of CBS’ hit drama NCIS Hawaii, where she portrays Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant. The actress reflected on the franchises’ historic crossover and unveiled the real reason it took place. 

For the first time ever, the casts of NCIS, NCIS LA and NCIS Hawaii will join forces for a historic three-way crossover. 

Although season two kicked off with Tennant’s team working alongside the NCIS agents, this will be the first time fans will see the agents from all three shows share a scene. 

As the episodes were such a success, bosses agreed to expand the crossover universe with the addition of NCIS LA. 

With fans eagerly awaiting the monumental episode, actress Vanessa Lachey revealed the real reason the crossover was greenlit. 

She disclosed: “You know, it’s so funny, there was never like a grand plan.

“We had our [season one] finale for NCIS Hawaii where we did a crossover with NCIS, the OG, and it got so much amazing traction and support that we continued it with our premiere for season two, with another crossover. 

“At that point, people were like, ‘You know, NCIS LA needs to join the party’ and by people I mean the fans.”

Vanessa added: “To the point that it got the cast of all the different shows and the executives talking.

“And then while I was actually shooting our [second NCIS] crossover, someone came in and said, ‘We’re doing it!’

“It was literally something that came about because of all the support of the fans, which kept propelling it into a forward direction,” Vanessa revealed to TVLine.

Although the crossover event was initially scheduled for January, 2 the show confirmed it had been pushed back to the following Monday. 

Despite the initial disappointment, the uproar soon turned into excitement after the release of its thrilling trailer. 

CBS shared the epic teaser with a caption, which read: “Brace yourselves for our BIGGEST crossover yet. 

“The #NCISCrossover Event premieres Monday, January 9th for a three-show extravaganza all in one evening. Be there or be square.”

After Vanessa gave an introduction to the trailer, it began with flashes of the upcoming episode which saw Jane and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) tied up to chairs, before a black mask is ripped off their heads. 

Then an unidentified woman, played by Yellowstone’s Dawn Olivieri, demanded: “You need to tell me everything if you want to survive.”

Elsewhere the agents are investigating the mysterious death of a professor with Gary Cole’s Alden Parker adding: “We follow the evidence until we find the truth.”

While Sam asked Jane: “I’m guessing you have a plan?” to which she responded: “Take out the bad guys, pretty simple.”

Speaking on the upcoming crossover, CBS’ executive vice president of current program, Amy Reisenbach stated: “We are so excited to finally have the long-awaited, first-ever NCISverse crossover to share with our passionate, loyal viewers.

“The popularity, longevity and continued success of the franchise is a testament to the immense talent of the casts and writing and producing teams who bring these shows to life.

“They came up with a thrilling story for this epic three-hour event that creatively brings all three NCIS teams together for fans to enjoy in one night and beyond.”

The NCISverse crossover event will air Monday, January 9 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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