Need a Refresher On the Original 'Dexter' Finale? We Got You Covered Before 'Dexter: New Blood' Starts

Dexter is finally back, and if you’ve been wondering what the former serial killer has been up to over the years, you’re in for a big surprise in Dexter: New Blood.

The new miniseries is happening eight years (yes, eight!) since the show first went off the air, so A LOT has gone down IRL in the interim. It’s probably no surprise that some of us… kind of forgot what happened during Dexter‘s big finale. 😬 If you’re looking for the ultimate refresher before diving back in with Dexter: New Blood, we totally got you covered.

Here is the ultimate recap of the original Dexter series finale.

How does the finale start?

The final Dexter original series episode opens up with Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison trying to leave Miami for Argentina. But they have to pause their plan when Elway suddenly appears, leaving them unable to hop on the plane without being spotted.

Dexter decides to buy random stuff at a gift shop (including a backpack), and leaves them under a seat at the airport. Using his badge to seem more trustworthy, Dexter tells a gate agent that he saw Elway leave the backpack and walk away, causing security to take him and all flights to be canceled as they navigate a presumed bomb threat. Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison decide to take a bus out of the town and later take a plane out of the country.

What about Deb?

After being shot by serial killer Oliver Saxon, Deb is sent to the hospital and begs them not to call Dexter because he would stay behind. Knowing that Dexter would want to know what happened to his sister, Matthews calls him behind Deb’s back anyway. Dexter decides to separate from Hannah and Harrison as he goes to check on Deb. Before heading into surgery, Deb tells Quinn that she loves him and he is unable to answer her back as she’s wheeled away.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor tells Dexter that Deb was lucky that the bullet didn’t hit anything important and notes that she will be okay. Deb reassures him that she’ll be fine and tells him to go.

Where is Saxon now that he’s escaped?

Saxon heads over to an animal hospital where he forces a worker to stitch him back up and drive him to the hospital. To cause a distraction, he cuts the worker’s tongue out and is able to sneak in to confront Deb. Dexter, noticing the obvious distraction, goes after him. As Saxon makes his way toward Deb’s room, Batista places him under arrest and he’s taken away.

When Dexter enters Deb’s room to check on her, he’s surprised to find it suddenly empty. He finds Quinn, who tells them there was a sudden complication and things went south for Deb quickly. The doctor tells him that a blood clot formed and likely caused a stroke which leaves Deb in a vegetative state. She is unable to fully recover.

What happens to Hannah and Harrison?

Hannah and Harrison board a bus together to get away from Miami before the hurricane hits. However, Elway sits right next to them and tells Hannah that she’s been caught and there is no escape. Almost to their destination, Hannah grabs some tea to drink and offers it to Elway, but he rejects it thinking there’s something in it and she’s trying to trick him. Hannah surprises him by injecting him with a horse tranquilizer and she ends up escaping after all.

Does Dexter go after Saxon now?

Quinn and Batista start to question Saxon, but tempers flare when Quinn starts to yell at him for killing Deb and Saxon asks for a lawyer. Dexter decides to go in and pretend to do a GSR test in order to get close to Saxon. Using a pen, Dexter tells Saxon that he’s going to kill him before Saxon takes him and stabs him in the shoulder with it. Dexter then takes the pen and stabs Saxon in the neck, finally killing him for good. Dexter presses the emergency button that he was given as he entered the jail cell and the police find him with Saxon’s dead body.

Dexter is taken into a room with Quinn and Batista who look over the security footage over to find out what happened in the cell. Dexter lies and says that he only went in to make sure that everything was done to code since it was about Deb’s death and that he only attacked Saxon as a form of self-defense. While they don’t 100 percent believe him, they side with Dexter and decide there’s enough on the tape for his story to be plausible.

What does Dexter do next?

Dexter returns to the hospital and decides to cut off Deb’s life support. He then takes her body out to a boat and rides off as the hurricane begins to hit Florida. He dumps Deb’s body into the ocean and continues to sail away. After a search, the Coast Guard finds Dexter’s boat completely wrecked and determines that there are no survivors. Everyone mourns Dexter, including Hannah who is seen safely in Argentina with Harrison.

But wait, there’s a bonus scene!

Shortly after all of this ^^^, Dexter is seen working in a lumberyard in the middle of nowhere. With a full-bearded face and a new identity, Dexter is now living alone after everything he went through. He heads home and sits down at his dining room table, where he stares directly into the camera as it fades to black and the original series officially ends.

How will this original show end tie into Dexter: New Blood?

The new series takes place almost 10 years after the show’s original ending. Dexter is now living in Iron Lake, New York and has taken on a new identity: Jim Lindsay. But when Harrison returns looking for his father, Dexter realizes that his past is still out to get him…whether he likes it or not.


The first episode of Dexter: New Blood airs at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime tonight, so don’t miss it!

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