New Station Eleven Trailer Reveals HBO Max Adaptation

The HBO Max limited series stars Mackenzie Davis and Himesh Patel

Oh and speaking of that cast – it is stacked. “Station Eleven” stars Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel, Daniel Zovatto, David Wilmot, Matilda Lawler, Philippine Velge, Nabhaan Rizwan and Lori Petty, with Gael Garcìa Bernal and Danielle Deadwyler recurring. Sign us up.

The limited series is based on the bestselling and critically acclaimed novel by Emily St. John Mandel and was created for television and showrun by Patrick Somerville. Hiro Murai (known for his groundbreaking work on “Atlanta”), Jeremy Podeswa, Helen Shaver and Lucy Tcherniak direct.

What’s also interesting about “Station Eleven” is its release schedule. (After the collapse of civilization maybe binging is frowned upon.) On Thursday, Dec. 16, the show will debut with three episodes followed by two episodes weekly leading up to the final episode on Jan. 13.

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