One and Done: These Real Housewives Only Made it a Single Season With Their Catty Cast Mates

Bravo hit it big with the Real Housewives franchise. Set up to feature several different cities, the ladies of the Houswives empire bring enough drama to fill decades of television programming, but not all housewives are cut out for the task. There have been several additions that simply can’t hack it and have walked away after just one season. Do you remember these former housewives?

Kim Fields was no match for the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Fields is best known for playing Tootie on The Facts of Life. Then a teen, she played the part of a spunky girl living at a boarding school. Even with her on-screen boarding school experience, Fields was no match for the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She joined the cast for Season 8 but made the decision not to return for Season 9. The reason for her departure was simple; she didn’t want to be involved in all of the drama that comes with the job. She did clash briefly with Kenya Moore during her time on the show, but she mostly kept things civil. Either way, Fields made the decision to cut ties.

Jules Wainstein walked away from Real Housewives of New York to protect her family

Jules Wainstein brought something different to the Real Housewives of New York cast when she joined in Season 8, but family life quickly pulled her in a different direction. By the time Season 9 began filming, Wainstein was in the process of divorcing her husband.

According to E!, Wainstein wanted to focus on her family and didn’t want her divorce to play out in front of the public eye. She cited having young children as the reason for wanting so much privacy.

Amber Marchese’s husband couldn’t get along with the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Marchese was added to the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey during Season 6. As an outsider looking in, Marchese could not get in the good graces of her castmates, and it showed. Marchese’s husband, Jim, was likely her biggest foil though. He literally had not a single nice thing to say about the reality show or the cast members.

Marchese and her husband later joined Marriage Bootcamp. The couple was once again in the news in early 2019 when Jim’s son, James came forward to accuse his father of refusing to pay for his college education. James alleges he was cut off due to his sexual orientation, according to People. Jim, however, insists his refusal to pay is more about his son’s choice in school than his choice in romantic partners.

The entire cast of the Real Housewives of DC got booted after one season

What could be better than the drama of the Real Housewives combined with the political epicenter of the United States? Nothing it would seem. At least, that’s what Bravo thought when they began airing the first season of the show in 2010.

The franchise was not long-lived, though. The series was scrubbed from Bravo’s schedule after Michaele Schon and her then-husband, Tariq Salahi crashed a White House party. The controversy was so significant that Bravo just scrapped the entire series instead of merely booting Michaele.

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