Only Fools and Horses’ David Jason ‘embarrassed’ by ‘surprise’ honour

David Jason left embarrassed after road named after him

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Sir David Jason has revealed his embarrassment over receiving the rare honour of having a street named after him. The comedy legend discussed the origins of David Jason Way and how he felt about the nomination. Lorraine was full of praise for the star during their interview on Monday.

Sir David chatted to Lorraine Kelly about his long acting career and Lorraine quizzed the actor about a recent award on her ITV show.

She declared: “You have many honours including a BAFTA for my favourite Skullion in Porterhouse Blue.

Lorraine then enthusiastically asked: “You have a road named after you – David Jason Way, how cool is that?”

The blushing actor replied: “It was a bit embarrassing really, that came as a complete surprise.”

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He continued: “I think one of the reasons was that we shot Still Open All Hours there, about three or four series, so I got to be a local face.”

The presenter exclaimed: “How fantastic”, before the actor who played Granville in the BBC classic Open All Hours added: “They honoured me with a little way of my own.”

She replied: “I think it’s great”, to the actor who has written a new book celebrating his festive specials of Only Fools and Horses.

The star penned The Twelve Dels of Christmas this year after recovering from a seriously bad health battle with coronavirus.

However, the beloved show was not always a family favourite watched across the nation.

He also told Lorraine the struggles the comedy faced, he explained: “We started with probably some of the worst figures in British television history.”

Regarding the time the show had to develop, Sir David added: “Again, I don’t think you get shows today that would be nursed.”

“You wouldn’t be able to reach those sorts of figures now no matter how good you are because we have got so many more channels.”

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Discussing his health with Lorraine’s breakfast TV counterparts on BBC, Sir David revealed his traumatic experience.

He told Jon Kay in October: “For a time there I was fine.”

“Then a couple or three months ago, I went to the Fairford Airshow and I caught the dreaded Covid and did I get it bad – I got it seriously bad.

“I got out of the bed in the early hours, to make a visit and because all my muscles were not working I collapsed and my arms wouldn’t work and my legs wouldn’t work.”

He continued: “So being a very creative and inventive person as what I am, I thought, ‘How will I get from here to the door?'”

“You know when you see the Walruses you see David Attenborough, how they walk or crawl on land, in order to do that I needed to use my head.”

During his dramatic health scare, the comedy legend still saw the funny side after he recalled “dragging his head” to the door.

He described himself as: “The first person to have Covid and carpet burns at the same time.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and ITVX

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