Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen says kids should all run and leave farm behind

Amanda Owen wants all nine of her children to ‘run’ from Ravenseat Farm.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star, 47, appeared on Times Radio for an incredibly candid interview on the future of her family – and knows it is in their best interests to ‘run’ from the farm.

With nine children on her hands, along with 1,000 sheep and 40 cows, Amanda definitely has her hands full.

But she isn’t sure her children should follow in her footsteps.

Farming isn’t an easy life, especially when the British weather wreaks havoc on the land, with Storm Arwen making Amanda feel as though it’s her "against the world".

She admitted: "You do sometimes feel like it’s you against the world.

"We’ve had storms and I’ve been wading through the snow which was up to my waist over the last few days.

"Yes, four days without power isn’t ideal but it gives you a new sense of appreciation of the humble lightbulb," she added.

Host Mariella Frostrup wondered how many of them reckon farming is in their blood.

But Amanda admitted: "I think they all should run. I think they should run and then, a bit like a boomerang, they will all come back.

"I think that is part of life and at no point have I ever said, ‘This is the be-all and end-all.’

"What they take away from the farm are proper life lessons and they learn empathy, kindness, hard work and common sense and that is a perfect starting point to everyday life wherever you should choose that to be."

Amanda’s eldest child Raven, 20, has already begun her journey away from the farm, heading off to university to begin her studies.

While 17-year-old Ruben intends to start his own contracting business.

Amanda added: "I think they should all head out and go and see the wider world and then, quite a few of them I think, will come back.

"For me, if I were going to give them any lesson in life, I would tell them not to put all of their eggs in one basket.

"To have your finger in a lot of pies is a good thing because times are changing and people's thoughts [are changing].

She went on: ”I would never say, 'You shouldn't farm', as people will always need food on a plate but you also need to be adaptable.

"I believe it would be in their best interests to get out there and experience another life too."

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