Our Yorkshire Farm fans gobsmacked as Amanda and Clive teach kids to skin a lamb

Our Yorkshire Farm viewers were dumbfounded on the latest episode as Amanda and Clive Owen attempted to teach their youngest children about real life on the farm.

Amanda, 47, set her three youngest children- Nancy, Violet and Clemmy – a task of checking on the lambs that had not long been born.

The trio set out across the steep and rocky fields to check on the sheep and their young while reporting back to their mum.

Nancy explained that all of the sheep were healthy and didn't have any "infections".

However, Amanda had her suspicions that things might not have been as flowery as her children had first discovered.

Setting out again, Amanda noticed that one of the lambs appeared to be missing.

She said on camera: "I can see something and it's not good.

"Sometimes you get mystery and other times you get answers," the mum-of-nine added.

Violet explained: "Everything has to die. Even people."

Removing the dead lamb from the stream, Amanda responded: "That's right, it's just a shame because it didn't have much of a life.

"You can't dwell on it… before Amanda was cut off by Nancy who said: "Because if there was no river, they wouldn't have nothing to drink."

Amanda carted the dead animal back to the farm with her three small children in tow.

As they returned to the farm, Dad Owen wasn't finished with educating his offspring when it came to lambing.

Owen explained the importance of skinning the lamb of it's jacket in a bid to save another baby that had been rejected by its mum.

Taking a sharp knife he freed the skin and fur from the dead animal and gift the entire overcoat to another lamb in need of nursing.

Fans on Twitter were astounded by the education and wiliness of the children to learn and engage.

One tweet read: "These kids are not phased by anything .. i could not have watched him skinning a dead lamb.. amazing children #ouryorkshirefarm."

A second penned: "#ouryorkshirefarm used to be one of my mom's favourite programmes.

"She loved the kids in it and used to say the 'little babbies aren't frightened of anything. They just get on with it.'"

Another wrote: " You always learn something new watching #OurYorkshireFarm."

A fourth exclaimed: "Watching #ouryorkshirefarm and what an education these kids get in literally everything."

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