'OutDaughtered' Fans Are Telling Adam Busby That Riley Is Their Favorite Quintuplet

From Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Counting On, TLC’s no stranger to featuring families that have a large number of kids. And the Busbys from OutDaughtered fit right in line with this, too. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame after having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States, and they also have an older daughter, Blayke. In total, there are six young daughters running around, and fans love seeing how the couple is able to keep up with all of them.

With so many little girls growing up and developing their own personalities, there are bound to be a few fan favorites. And it seems many absolutely adore Riley. Here’s what fans are saying to Adam on Instagram.

Riley is known for being one of the smartest of the Busby quints

We remember the quintuplets were so young that it was nearly impossible to tell them all apart, but now that they’re all developing their own personalities, we’re learning a lot about how they’re all a bit different. Danielle has spoken about their developing personalities on her blog, It’s a Buzz World, too. The busy mom explained Ava and Olivia (the identical twins of the quint group) are highly dependent on one another, Hazel is the most independent, Parker is sensitive and quiet, and Riley is intelligent and mischievous.

Riley may be the smartest of the quints academically speaking, too. Each of the quints had their intelligence tested at their preschool, and while the average child scored a 40 on the test, Riley scored an 84. The owner of the preschool then gave Riley a second test which she scored a 68 on. “If we can get her to scoring about an 84 on test three, I want us to really look at putting her in the advanced placement class, which is a really big deal,” the preschool owner mentioned.

Fans are telling Adam Busby on Instagram that Riley is truly a star


Adam and Danielle are constantly posting photos of the quints, and it seems this photo of Riley garnered a lot of attention from fans. “Not sure you know what you would be getting yourself into Mr. Tiger. This little girl is a force to be reckoned with. #RileyPaige,” Adam captioned the photo of Riley in front of the tiger’s cage at the zoo. Fans then flocked to add how they feel about Riley, too — and it appears they love her big personality, intelligence, and sassy attitude she’s already displaying at such a young age.

“I love Riley’s personality. She has always been my favorite quint,” one fan wrote. And another added, “I love this girl! Cute fierce and smart! Shattered that glass ceiling RiRi. I love watching her every week.” Yet another commented, “This girl is my favorite of all …. I wouldn’t watch the show without her … she is just fun to watch [sic].”

Another fan favorite? Hazel Busby


It’s not just Riley who’s getting tons of attention. Fans also absolutely adore Hazel, as she stands out amongst the crowd due to her red hair, glasses, and adorable attitude, too. Adam recently posted this photo of him with Hazel, and it’s reminding all of the fans of his special connection to his sweet daughter.

Unfortunately, it seems some fans have concerns that Hazel steals the spotlight away from the other quints, however. “Is it just me that noticed or does or seem that Danielle and Adam favor Hazel over the rest of the quints …. Anytime Adam comes home from work all you can hear is ‘hazel basil’ [sic],” a Reddit user noted. And others commented that due to her eye condition, it may seem like Adam and Danielle give the little girl more attention for this reason.

No matter what, there’s no doubt the Busbys are loved by everyone who tunes in to OutDaughtered. And we can’t wait to see what life will be like for the family as the girls grow into even bigger kids.

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