Paul Hollywood’s ex-girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam walks their dogs after rowing about their custody – The Sun

SUMMER Monteys-Fullam marks her ­territory as she takes the dogs for a walk after dumping Paul Hollywood.

Summer, 24, and Bake Off host Paul, 53, have been at war since their split over who keeps which of their animals.

The former barmaid was snapped with their chihuahua Cookie and Rottweiler Bear in Ickham, Kent.

Summer, who has eight horses, has moved back to live with her mum.

Paul, 53, has kept a £35 pink-beaked Plymouth Rock chicken called Karen and several other unnamed hens.

Paul also refused his ex access to a string of expensive gifts he bought her — including a £100,000 Range Rover SVR plus a £9,000 hot tub he got for her 24th.

The former barmaid was met with a vicious four-letter tirade when she returned to their home on Friday to collect her stuff.

A source said: “Summer has always been a massive animal lover. She would far rather keep her furry and feathered friends over anything of any real material value.

“But Paul insisted he kept the chickens, including Karen, and says he might rehome them. It’s all getting very petty and unpleasant.”

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