Peaky Blinders director on what he cut in season 5: ‘Didn’t want the audience distracted’

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Most of you Peaky Blinders fans are probably rewatching your favourite moments from all five seasons who, if you’re like us, you’re rewatching THEM ALL, fully. And you might not have noticed, but there were some small (but big) changes that appeared in the latest series.

It’s not been spoken about and nor should it

Anthony Byrne

In a Q&A session with director Anthony Byrne, he opened up on what he changed in series five and why he did it.

“It’s not been spoken about and nor should it,” he began, really teasing us all as we wondered what on earth had happened.

“We removed the front titles from season five because I didn’t want the audience to be distracted by people’s names,” he admitted.

Did you notice that?


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Because we certainly didn’t.

Probably – and we most likely speak for everyone here – but we were already glued to what Tommy was doing in that misty field.

“If you’re a fan of the show, you know who everybody is,” Anthony continued.

“All the actors in the show are largely, very well-known so they don’t need to have their name at the front.

“I’d rather you were watching Tommy walking through the field.”

Mission accomplished, sir.

The director also went on to describe the music choices for season five different to that of its predecessors.

After a fan questioned why the infamous theme tune Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds had been romped from the opening scenes of every episode.

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“I just personally felt it was being over overused,” he confessed.

“If you over use anything it loses its power.

“I felt that it was firmly established and its association with the show was cemented, it’s not going anywhere.”

Noting that the series had previously used covers of the song for opening credits, Anthony wanted to use the original to open the very beginning of the season only.


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“I wanted to strike out in a different direction musically and I wanted to establish a different musical language that had been used previously,” he continued.

Well that’s one to watch out for when season six finally makes it to our screens in (gulp) 2022.

For now, if you need your fix of the Brummy bad boys, seasons one to five are available to watch on both Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

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