Peaky Blinders' director says new series will compete with big budget US shows with complex filming sequence

PEAKY Blinders' director says season six's first episode will compete with big budget US shows with complex filming sequence.

Anthony Byrne, 44, commented on filming sequences that will come together like no other during the opening installment on the brand new series.

After getting a good grasp of what's going to happen in the upcoming series, Anthony gave his thoughts on what he is most excited about filming in episode one.

"Steve hasn't written anything like that in previous seasons or any of his other works, so that's a sequence we're really exited about filming," he smiled, excitedly.

"It took us a long time to find the location and to put it together."

Some scenes will have a slow build and several moving parts which will come together unlike anything that has been done before.

Bryne exclaimed: "It's a huge undertaking to go and do this in a TV drama that doesn't have the budget that a lot of the bigger American shows have, that we're competing with.

"So, that's why I can't wait to film!"

Anthony Byrne, 44, and his team were left shaking in their boots when they read the gripping script for the first episode of season six.

He was with another Peaky executive Paul, when he received the email from screenwriter Steven Knight and the pair couldn't quite believe their eyes.

He explained: "I checked my emails and I'd just got season six episode one from Steve and I was like 'Sh*t do you want to know what happens' because I didn't know, you have to cut what you have!

"Paul was laid out on the couch and I ended up reading it out loud."

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With all Anthony's experience, he revealed had never read a script out loud before this one, which indicates just how fantastic it is.

"Steve's dialogue is so beautifully written and it's also very quotable dialogue," he continued.

"It's like reading a novel, he writes novelistically.

"Paul's just lying there like 'Holy sh*t', it was really really extraordinary!"

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