Piers Morgan claims Boris Johnson 'declined' Life Stories interview and praises Keir Starmer for 'having the bottle'

PIERS Morgan has claimed Prime Minister Boris Johnson turned down the opportunity to be interviewed by him on Life Stories – because he’d rather ‘hide in a fridge’ than face him. 

The star’s in-depth interview series is set to return later this year, with Labour Party leader Keir Starmer agreeing to take part and be grilled about his life. 

But apparently Boris wasn’t as keen about his past being delved into by the ex-Good Morning Britain host, and said no. 

Piers made the reveal on Twitter when asked why he was chatting to the leader of the opposition, and not the leader of the country. 

“To those asking if I’ve also invited [Boris Johnson] to do Life Stories… yes, of course, but he declined,” he said. 

“Our fearless Prime Minister prefers to hide in fridges than be interviewed by me. 

“So, full respect to [Keir Starmer] for having the bottle to do it.” 

Starmer is the first party leader to appear on the show since Gordon Brown back in 2010. 

Life Stories has become known for its bombshell revelations – with Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon sharing an axed interview clip on BBC radio where he alluded to Jimmy Savile decades before allegations came to light.

Gemma Collins spoke about contemplating suicide last series, and Chris Eubank broke down as he remembered a life-altering boxing bout with Michael Watson in 1991, which left his opponent with near-fatal brain damage.

It’s expected Piers will delve into his life, family and career, which saw him move from a life in law to one in politics, taking over the Labour party leadership in April 2020. 

ITV’s head of entertainment, Katie Rawcliffe, commented: “Sir Keir Starmer promises to be a real treat for our ITV audience.”

Piers Morgan's Life Stories is available for catch-up on ITV Hub.

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