Piers Morgan reveals awkward moment 'huge fan' mistook him for rival Jeremy Clarkson

PIERS Morgan has revealed the awkward moment a "huge fan" mistook him for his rival Jeremy Clarkson.

The 56-year-old told how he was hungover at his local cafe after a boozy night out

"After a few minutes, a young man approached me," said Piers.

"‘Excuse me, sir,’ he said in a Scandinavian accent, ‘but it is you? The TV presenter?’

"I smiled and nodded. ‘It is, yes.’ He almost self-combusted with excitement.

"I knew it! Mr Clarkson from Top Gear! It is so great to meet you, I’m a massive fan!’

"My smile disappeared faster than Boris Johnson is currently deleting his text messages."

Piers and Sun columnist Jeremy famously brawled at the 2004 Press Awards.

They also got into a bust-up on board Concorde’s last flight a year later.

It got so physical that the pair showed off their scars from the fight when they reunited on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? last year.

They eventually made-up during a six-hour drink session in 2014.

Appearing on the ITV quiz show with Jeremy, Piers used the lifeline Ask The Host and said: "I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn't trust you.

"Including this scar on my forehead.

"And there's your broken finger… from when he struck me.

"I'm going to say the words I never thought I'd say… I trust you. I believe you. At least this way if I'm wrong, it's your fault."

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