Prince William to sort out Andrew before damage to Royal Family future, expert says

Royal insider on relationship between Prince William and Andrew

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Royal commentator Russell Myers featured on ITV daytime show Lorraine on Monday morning to discuss recent updates surrounding investigations into Prince Andrew. The Metropolitan Police announced they are taking no further action after a review prompted by Virginia Giuffre, who is taking legal action against the royal. Speaking about the allegations made against Andrew, Russell told host Lorraine Kelly that Prince William could soon take action to stop his uncle “damaging” the future of their family.

Lorraine said: “Prince William, we are told, thinks that his uncle Prince Andrew is an actual threat to the Royal Family.

“That’s very serious stuff, isn’t it?” the presenter added.

Russell agreed: “Very much so and I think again over the weekend there’s been an awful lot of activity over several reports.

“Now, one of the issues that was revealed was that there was a meeting in January of senior members of the Royal Family including Charles and Edward.

“They concluded, like the rest of us I imagine, that there is never a return to public life for him.

“I think he’s probably the only person in the entire world at the moment who’s clinging onto this aspect that he can return,” the royal expert said of Prince Andrew.

Russell continued: “But, Prince William will obviously be taking over one day and I think we’ve seen him sort of really come forward in terms of his new role and being trusted lieutenant of the Queen and Charles as well.

“Not only does he think that he is a threat to the Royal Family, but what really gets him was Andrew’s sense of entitlement and the way he’s handled himself through this whole saga.

“He is no fan of his uncle Andrew and that tells you quite a lot about the relationship between them and how he wants him to try and sort out this business before it damages the monarchy even further,” he explained.

Lorraine remarked: “Absolutely because that’s his future, isn’t it? We know that the royals can be ruthless if they are under threat.

“So, it’ll be fascinating to see what happens,” she added.

Russell spoke further about the MET’s decision to take no further action regarding the allegations against Prince Andrew.

“The reason why this has come about is because there were a couple of reports over the weekend saying that the MET Police had spoken to his accuser Virginia Giuffre three times,” the royal commentator explained.

He continued: “Virginia Giuffre was obviously alleging that she was trafficked around the world by Jeffery Epstein.

“One of these occasions was in London that she has raised these allegations of being sexually abused by Prince Andrew, who has always denied these allegations.

“Now, what we don’t know is whether the Met Police have spoken to Prince Andrew or whether they’ve spoken to his legal team.

“But, overnight they have said ‘As a matter of procedure we reviewed a document released in August 2021 as part of the US civil action’ which is the case against him in New York. ‘This review has concluded and we are taking no further action’.

“Now, I think there is a level of criticism protection of the Met. Why have they put this out now?

“Have they jumped the gun because there’s a big case being undertaken in the United States?” Russell questioned.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations made against him.

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