RHONJ's Joe Gorga calls Dolores Catania a 'broken woman' before she storms off screaming 'go f**k yourselves' at costars

REAL Housewives Of New Jersey’s Joe Gorga called Dolores Catania a “broken woman” before she stormed off screaming “go f**k yourselves” at her co-stars.

In tonight’s dramatic episode of the Bravo series, tension hit an all-time high as the reality star was confronted about her long relationship with the doctor that has not yet resulted in an engagement. 

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As the cast gathered for dinner, Joe brought up the fact that Dolores, 50, was not getting “enough affection” from her partner – who is a doctor and works long hours. 

The mom-of-two insisted she gets “plenty” but that wasn’t enough for Teresa Giudice’s brother. 

He accused Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank, of “ruining” her when he cheated on her many years ago. 

"This is a broken woman," Joe said of Dolores to a room of shocked friends. 

"A neanderthal like yourself would think I was broken," she furiously replied.

The group then speculated a new car was gifted to her by Frank as a way of "delaying" having to propose to her.

She began to scream as she exclaimed: ”A ring, a Porsche, a car, a house doesn't mean s**t!

“David has become a part of my family, we both put a lot into this relationship and it's grown slower than everybody else expected it to. 

“He's not around. I'm good with that. And that should be enough for everybody." 

However, Joe continued to insist she had a “scarred heart.” 

After the ladies asked if she was “crushed” she got a Porsche instead of an engagement ring as a recent gift, she stormed out of the house and left in tears. 

She yelled: “F**k you, go f**k yourselves. Frank we’re leaving everyone is talking behind my back bout getting a f**king Porsche.

“I’ve had enough. I’m out f**k all of you, bye everybody!”

Dolores still lives with her ex-husband, Frank, as her current boyfriend lives entirely separated.

She revealed that she only sleeps over at David's once a month and "hardly" sees him throughout the week.

During the first episodes of this season, Dolores and David butted heads because she had failed to let him know that she was getting plastic surgery done until the night before she was set to go to the hospital.

The star admitted to getting liposuction and a tummy tuck after losing weight amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

In the video, Dolores and David were talking about how the RHONJ husbands had asked about him when he missed a group dinner when he suddenly threw it in her face that she had made some choices he wasn't supportive of.

He tells her: "When's your next surgery? Because you didn't tell me about this one."

"You know what, David? What's really good about our relationship is that I have the freedom to do whatever I want," she retorted.

"And I don't demand the commitment that I thought I needed. You shouldn't act like that, David."

When Dolores brought up him not proposing to her, he stood up from the table and told her, "we're done," before walking away from her.

One of the main issues that Dolores and David have had is his lack of commitment to her.

He has refused to accompany her on cast events or propose to her, which put a halt on their plans to move in together during the last season of RHONJ.

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