RHOSLC's Mary Cosby calls co-star Heather Gay a 'RACIST' and blocks her on Instagram in sudden feud

REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby called her co-star Heather Gay a “RACIST” and blocked her on Instagram.

The Bravo star slammed Heather amid their sudden feud.

Mary, 48, took to her Instagram Story on Friday to explain why she blocked Heather, writing: “If you want to know why I blocked Heather Gay is because Heather is a racist!

“She admitted and owned it and she knows it!”

The RHOSLC star concluded in the post: “LETS SPEAK TRUTH!!”

Despite Mary’s claims, she did not provide any evidence of Heather’s alleged racism.

She also shared the text post on her Instagram feed, which she later deleted.

Mary’s deleted post, which was shared by a fan account on Twitter, was captioned: “If you want my Truth ask me! I never did anything to #heather.

“She’s a #karen I don’t tolerate haters!”

The caption concluded with a number of hashtags, including #keepyourmouthshut.

Before Mary made the claims on Instagram, Heather revealed why she was blocked by her co-star during an interview with Bravo Insider.

When asked if she knew “why Mary blocked” her, Heather responded: “I told her to f**k off and she blocked me.”

Heather burst out into laughter after making the claims.

Mary and Heather starred on the first season of RHOSLC together, while they are both confirmed to appear in the upcoming second season.

The 48-year-old’s claims are not the first time Heather has been slammed by her co-stars.

During the RHOSLC reunion in February, Jen Shah accused Heather and Whitney Rose of having “dangerous white privilege.”

At the reunion, Jen began screaming and sobbing about how there is a "double standard" with how she is treated by her co-stars because she is a woman of color.

The Bravo star said it's "offensive and dangerous" to be labeled as "aggressive" by her cast mates, as she is a biracial woman living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The RHOSLC star specifically called out Whitney and Heather during the episode for treating her differently because of the color of her skin.  

While Whitney and Heather owned up to having white privilege, they insisted Jen’s behavior is not okay.

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