Richard Madeley asked what it’s like ‘to be a Dick’ by Kate Garraway live on air

Kate Garraway had a very cheek question for Richard Madeley on today's Good Morning Britain.

A discussion on a possible No Deal Brexit took a strange twist when Kate asked her co-host: "You have experience, what is it like to be a Dick? Is it tough in life?"

Giggling Richard confessed that he had actually adapted after a "lifetime of being a Dick".

Viewers tuning in at that moment may have been baffled, but the conversation actually came about due to new UKIP leader Richard Braine.

Richard Madeley explained: "Well listen, hey, well I’m called Richard, which is shortened to Dick obviously. And many of you call me Dick, but atlas I’m not called. Well sometimes I am called Dick brain."

Kate revealed that Richard Braine had told people to stop calling him Dick as he was fed up with the nickname.

But Richard Madeley admitted he had no sympathy for the politician having experience life as a Dick firsthand.

Looking directly at the cameras, he said: "Mr Braine, the moment you tell people not to call you Dick Braine they’re going to call you Dick Braine."

Kate then jokingly asked Richard what it was like "to be a Dick" – and he was willing to open up.

He replied: "After a lifetime of being a Dick you adapt to it. My own daughter calls me Dicky which is a softening. You kind of adapt to it.

"I don’t know how old you are Mr Braine but get over it. Really it's just a joke. It's a play on your name. Grow up."

Kate admitted: "I feel a bit sorry for him. He can’t help his name."

Good Morning Britain viewers flocked to Twitter after listening to the chat about Dick.

One viewer said: "@GMB talking about Dick. Did @kategarraway really say she liked the gag?"

Another added: "#gmb this morning @kategarraway (talking about "Dicks")"

A third said: "@kategarraway asking the question we've all been wondering about?"

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