Rick and Morty plot hole: The 3 biggest blunders and when they happened?

Rick and Morty is back and fans cannot get enough of the latest season on Adult Swim and Channel 4. There are plenty of mind-boggling storylines throughout the show but what are some of the series’ biggest plot holes? Express.co.uk takes a look at just a few of Rick and Morty’s blunders.

The 3 biggest blunders in Rick and Morty

The Citadel

The Citadel, originally known as The Citadel of Ricks, is the secret society where Ricks and Mortys have formed a society built by their counterparts from an infinite amount of realities.

The society is controlled by the Council of Ricks and the Secretive Shadow Council and first features in season one’s Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, and then again in season three’s The Rickshank Rickdemption and Tales from the Citadel.

But there are a lot of unanswered questions which the show has failed to explain.

For example, what dimension is the society in and how did they extract it from the federation prison after they collided?

Also, did all of the Ricks and Mortys abandon their own realities to live in The Citadel?

As well as this, the Ricks formed the Government to control the society so they can stay safe from the Government which original Rick points out makes no sense.


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Freezing time

In season two’s 12th episode A Rickle in Time, Rick freezes time on Earth for almost six months on a whim.

Despite a parallel dimension developing due to how long time was frozen, he was able to make it go back to normal with relative ease.

In another show, Rick and Morty are trapped in a Teenyverse in season two’s The Ricks Must Be Crazy for months.

So if Rick is able to freeze time on a whole planet, couldn’t he freeze time in places he doesn’t like the Galactic Federation or The Citadel?

The infinite dimensions

The show is built on the idea of infinite parallel universes with an endless amount of outcomes, possibilities and events.

But if this was true, then why does Rick continually go universes where the Galactic Federation, which he despises, exist?

Why doesn’t he avoid those universes and just go to those without the federation?

Another problem Rick has is the fact McDonald’s got rid of Szechuan sauce which went with the chicken McNuggets during the promotion of Disney’s Mulan in 1998.

However, if there are infinite dimensions, there must be at least one where the sauce exists.

But why doesn’t he try and find this universe so he can once again have his precious sauce?


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The fourth season aired both in the US and the UK last month.

The show was not meant to be aired in the UK until January 2020 which angered a lot of fans and led to Channel 4 bringing the air date forward.

Director of Programmes at Channel 4 said: “When we announced we would be airing Rick and Morty Series 4 on free to air TV in January we thought fans would be delighted.

“Instead they told us – in their droves – that it wasn’t nearly soon enough, so we’ve listened and brought forward the UK premiere to November 20th on E4 and All 4. Enjoy!”


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Last week, fans questioned why the cartoon wasn’t on last weekend when the show took a short break for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Season four, episode four of Rick and Morty will instead be shown on Adult Swim on Sunday, December 8.

The episode will air at the show’s regular time at 11:30pm.

Rick and Morty season 4 continues on Sunday, December 8 on Adult Swim. 

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